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Anything within the same vein as APC but within that range? I guess the most I'd be willing to spend is around 175 or so. Having an online stock helps as well . Thanks.
Basically something in the same style of A.P.C. Minimalist, yet high quality and slim/well fitting. The reason I ask, is because, I can't find the APC stuff online, in just solid colors. I've found it in stripes, but no plain black or grey. Since I can't find these online, I was simply wondering of similar brands that have online stockists where I could purchase them.
I'm looking to get a nice, Black or Grey crew neck sweater. I'm not interested in cashmere, so wool or some sort of wool blend is what I'm looking for. I'm definitely looking for something slim and fitting. I really love some of the stuff that APC recently did, like the sweaters with the small button detail on the shoulder/neck area, but I can't find any of this stuff online. My price range is probably no more then 130-140. Any help and any online stockists that you...
Any comment on the T's put out by this brand? Fit? Sizing? Material? Also, anybody know a place I can get them online and will ship to the states?
Anybody grab any SMALL polos that they would be willing to resell?
Thanks for the offer man but I'm afraid that'll be too big. I usually rock smalls and she's really tiny, so if she buys guy stuff it's usually XS and it still isn't that small on her. That's why I figured an XS slim fit would be perfect, almost like an XXS. Did they have the t-shirt with wings on it that is in the silhoutte of a bird/pheonix? Seen that shirt once and they didn't have my size (Small) and am still looking to snag it.
no sweat bro Anyway, is there anybody that could hook me up with SMALL Polos in Black, Navy, and Grey and an XS slim fit in green (or any other color for that matter)? I just really want to grab a hoodie for my gf for a gift, figured XS slim fits are probably rare but then again there prob aren't many people rockin that size. Anyway, if anybody could help out it would be greatly appreciated and you will be compensated for your time/effort. Thanks.
Anybody doing pickups for this still? If you are, please throw me a pm. Thanks .
Yah I hear what your saying. The upper arms are a bit baggier. I still love the hoodie though, it's just a bit of a different fit, more classic styled. Perhaps it wouldn't look as drastic if the cuffs weren't tapered, but then again I love the slimness of the cuff bands. Anyway, I never tried the classic fits on from last year, only the slim fits and from what I'm gathering, last seasons slim/classic were pretty much the same, just that slim fit slizing was like...
Quick Question - I know that there are some sizing differences between this season's W+H hoodies and last season's Spruce hoodies. Basically I want to know if I'll be able to fit into a SMALL slim fit tiger fleece hoodie from this seasons W+H line. Last season's spruce slim fit MEDIUM fits me perfectly, and I've tried on the small and it was a bit too tight. I could go a tiny tiny bit slimmer, but last seasons smalls compared to the mediums were just too tight/short on...
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