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Reyn - Thanks for the response and sorry for the late one on my end. I'm definitely interested and I sent you a PM.
Selling 2 Wings & Horns T-shirts in size S, one in a dark Navy and the other in Black. I purchased these shirts and have never worn them. Price per shirt $25 - will do $40 for both. The color of the Navy is a bit hard to see in the photos - it's very deep and almost black. Measurements are as follows - Armpit to Armpit = 17" Length = 24.5" Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!
I'm selling a Wings & Horns flannel in Olive, size S. This flannel is from a several seasons ago, but is, in my opinion, one of the coolest pieces they've done. It's incredibly soft and fits amazing and has some really interesting details. Along with the button placket, there is a zippered front and zippered sleeves. It hasn't been worn in several years due to it no longer fitting. Measurements are as follows - Pit-to-pit = 17" Length = 27.5" Feel free to PM me with...
I'm selling a Rag & Bone wool blazer in black, size 38. This was purchased off of SF several years ago and I've never worn it. It's a great piece, I just never wear blazers so I'm looking for somebody to get some use out of it. The details are top notch, with dark brass buttons and a slightly rounded cut. Measurements are as follows Pit to Pit = 19" Length = 29" Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!
I'm selling an APC Bamboo sweater from several seasons ago, in Grey size Small. This is a great sweater, but it's been sitting in my closet for a few years and no longer fits. It's soft, fairly lightweight, and the Bamboo makes it very forgiving and has some stretch to it. Still in great condition. Measurements are as follows - Pit-to-Pit = 17.5" Length = 24.5" Note -> The neck tag was attached with only a few threads and one side came undone so it's been...
Hi all - even though it's been awhile, I still have these up for sale if anybody is interested. Feel free to PM me with questions. Thanks!
Down to $90
Down to $100
Hi all, Thought I sold these a few years ago but found them while unpacking at my new place. They are NDG Classic Fit, Raw Indigo Selvage version - Size 32 (will fit a 31) from f/w 09. I've worn them less than 10 times. Practically brand new, incredible denim and construction with a great fit. Retailed for $320 - asking for $90 within Con US (shipping costs will be based on your location, shipping from VA). Please PM with any questions - thanks! Measurements...
I'm looking to get a pair of the Stanton's but they are all sold out on the web-site. I did find other sites, but they don't specifically give the style name. I assumed these are the Stanton's but wanted to double check before pulling the trigger - Thanks!
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