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Hi all - even though it's been awhile, I still have these up for sale if anybody is interested. Feel free to PM me with questions. Thanks!
Down to $90
Down to $100
Hi all, Thought I sold these a few years ago but found them while unpacking at my new place. They are NDG Classic Fit, Raw Indigo Selvage version - Size 32 (will fit a 31) from f/w 09. I've worn them less than 10 times. Practically brand new, incredible denim and construction with a great fit. Retailed for $320 - asking for $90 within Con US (shipping costs will be based on your location, shipping from VA). Please PM with any questions - thanks! Measurements...
I'm looking to get a pair of the Stanton's but they are all sold out on the web-site. I did find other sites, but they don't specifically give the style name. I assumed these are the Stanton's but wanted to double check before pulling the trigger - http://www.industriedenim.com/shopping/men/rogue-territory/item10130775.aspx Thanks!
Anybody care to comment on the stretching? I have a pair of 31's that I wore for about a year that fit somewhat lose, but after losing a couple of pounds they slid off my waist and I couldn't wear them comfortably without pulling them up. I just picked up a size 30 and they are much tighter than I figured they'd be. I can get the top button done, but barely. Wondering if I'm just SOL since there is no measurement in between or if I should ride these out and let them...
Anybody send a recent money order and not receive their goods but their payment back?
Hey Jimmy - sent a quick PM, please respond when you can. Thanks!
Hey Jimmy, Sent a few PM's regarding payment, please respond!
Kind of an odd question - is hip flare something that a tailor can remedy? I have a pair and I love the denim and fit everywhere else, but the flaring in the hips is really bad. I've soaked them and they've softened up, but it hasn't gone down. Any recommendations?
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