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Baxter of California.http://www.baxterofcalifornia.com/I use the daily face wash, night cream, eye cream, and clay mask.For daily face lotion, I use Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20I use Tom Ford SKIN REVITALIZING CONCENTRATEhttp://www.tomford.com/skin-revitalizing-concentrate/T1X2-01-0001.html?dwvar_T1X2-01-0001_color=OC#start=5Pricey, but well worth it.Took a long time to get this formula dialed down for my face. Very smooth and refreshed.The Tom Ford...
Not to bad. Pepper!
Nice Sunday afternoon...
Started after 49er loss.
I didn't call him out. I just told him my concerns. Also, I don't accept the argument that he was unaware they were counterfeits. He spends tens of thousands of dollars on cigars per year. He knows the difference, which makes me believe that he knew they were fake. He tried to use them to gain favor with me. I'm looking at this from a different perspective than you all are. It's a matter of principle. He walked around the office and told everyone to look at my $600...
I didn't call him out, but I told him that a friend of mine said they maybe counterfeit. Here is his reply. "oh, ok, now it is clear, I bought them from Ariel really close friend, I personally went into his house and saw the suitcase, He works in the factory for cigars... basically what Ariel's telling me is "its impossible the guy works in the factory, no way there fake" and the next line basically "he takes them out little by little, and everybody buys from him" Now...
Jet, Thank you for the response and time you took out to review my pictures. I am disappointed to say the least. After further research, I have to agree with you that they are more likelier than not, fake. Jet, can you tell me where I can purchase the real thing? Also, can you recommend to me a website that would teach me about cigars and how to care for them? Thank you again four your time.
Second Set
What I can tell you is his holdings are in the hundreds of millions. Owns real estate in LA, FL, NY, Prague, and other places. I took pictures of everything so I hope this answers your questions. I know the guy has a large collection of cigars, but I have gone over his credit card statements. Here are the pictures I took.
I will, I am just waiting patiently.
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