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Game was all outta wack. Should've saw it coming, especially after those losses to Norwich and Schalke and slim win to qpr. Friggen QPR! It still took one man down for us to score. The mancs man marked the base of our attack out of the game and defended pretty well, but still lack of invention is killing us. We're trying to play a possession game without any real movement or not enough technicality. Hate to say it but at least with barca, they always form triangles,...
That would be sad if it were true, that it would take a 8-2 demolition for the board/manager to fill in the deficiencies with the much needed signings. I hope they were much more aware before the match, if not, then we have bigger problems.
Wilshere has been training with the squad since Thurs. and his fitness is on a day-by-day basis so I can only hope he'll be on the roster as Nasri is set off to the Middle Eastlands. But, in other news, Ryo is on the bench! Hope he gets to play, but we'll see. And if Kolscielny/Djourou are both out, I suspect Wenger will play Song at the CB and have Frimpong at the DMF. He actually did quite well breaking up play and getting interceptions, and had good positive movement...
Didn't ManU lose Rio? and Rafael? West Brom could've had the draw but with a more potent midfield and maybe having one of the CF showing up, it should provide a for a good match. Are Chicharito/Evra back yet?And if you want to talk about competitive, wouldn't the Bundesliga be the best league or, dare I even say, Ligue 1? It just seems that in La liga the technical ability is there and there is at least competition between the non Barca/RM teams.And all that talk about...
Arsenal v. Liverpool this weekend anybody? Waking up early to watch the midfield trio of frimpong, ramsey, and rosicky, and watch suarez take on jenkinson Great time to be a gooner.
I am buying a set of black pearl stud earrings and want to compliment them with a necklace as a gift. Ive been searching around and I can't really find anything, nor do I really know what I am looking for. I would like to spend around 60-70 and have looked at places like last call by neiman marcus and some other sites to no avail. Any suggestions on what style the necklace should look like?
Thanks for all the suggestions. It seems like I should just try getting to Montreal as quick as I can. And yes, I already planned on going to Niagra Falls. Since the thread is already here, what are some good places to go to in Toronto? Any particular areas or sites I have to see?
Well it's going to be my first time in Canada and we'll be driving from Toronto to Montreal and then Montreal to New York in early august. I was wondering if there are any suggested stops along the way to break up the driving? I think we're going to be driving straight to these destinations, so we're not looking for any overnight stops. Any help would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr What? Radiologists are one of the most highly paid, highly competitive field in medicine. Only ones I can think of that are more competitive are eye surgeons and spine surgeons - and you definitely cannot work from home in those specialties. I hear from my professor that radiologists are being outsourced to places like india. They just fax the scan and have the radiologist look at it for cheap,...
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew The one across the street from the Termini station? That place was absolutely terrible, far worse than the one in the train station in Florence. Had to stay up for the night in Rome and that Mcdonalds was the worst place/idea to hang around. Smashed beer bottles on the floor, shady people coming in and out, and even shadier characters hanging outside. At least in Termini you get the Aureilian/Trajan wall?
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