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What about the photo where he shows the shirt he took measurements from and the shirt that was created for him?
The original shirt looks to measure 30.5", the one created looks to be about 3" too short? Did the order say 30.5" and he received a shirt that is 27.5"? Clearly that is an error in manufacturing, not Hallock's order. IMO that is a full refund or a full reconstruction, but what do I know about customer service?
Looks like the shirt that was created is indeed quite a bit off. This really puts off the orders I had planned..
IH riders jacket, need something to ride the moped in, it's either this or the indigo one or i go find a leather jacket..
just placed an order for a second pair of twill chinos. navy twill this time. previous pair was a bit snug in waist, silly me, ripped button, put on a different one. also a bit snug for my boys, so i went a bit bigger w the rise and thighs this time.
OH NO KNUCKS POPPED IN TO ONCE AGAIN NOT HELP ANYONE WITH ANYTHING CUZ HES A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING No, it's just that some of you post really dumb things. Know how people say "think before you speak?" yeah, that applies here too.
Youre an idiot.
Do you think that'll reduce the pocket flare as well?
yeah, they're tight, LOL
adjusters would have been a good idea. all in all im happy, but would be thrilled if they were a bit looser in the seat. There is a bit of fabric so maybe I can just take em to the tailor to get the seat let out a bit.
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