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Sir, i think you have me mistaken
LOL what the fuck are you talking about
It depends.
Yah front squat looks fine
exactly. if you can do atg, do it. "live in full ROM'' -Coldsnap
why would you want to stop ATG squats?
This looks weird.
255 385. getting back into it. no back pain anymore, straps because correcting pelvis torsion. need to fix head position
well, youre loading up your quads and not your hammies..youre putting too much stress on knees. quads will shorten, knees will start hurting. could lead to back problems, hip flexor issues..youre setting yourself up for a "lower crossed syndrome"
TKJTG - learn to squat. Your heels lift, your roll inside of your foot. You are not sitting back at all, you are breaking at the knees before the hips. Ditch the knee wraps.
New Posts  All Forums: