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they are gone gone gone with your money in mexico
Workware Heritage is out of HK iirc
not sure when it'll be time for a resole, but thinking of doing a vibram wedge sole on my semi dress
Eason - are there any good Chinese repro companies? (buzz but not expensive?) Workware Heritage Clothing is one, what else?
Thanks for the suggestion. I contacted Meermin and they provided some measurements, thought this may be of interest to others: RUI L 306 mm shoe outsole 8.5UK W 108 mm shoe outsole 8.5UK L 288 mm last insole 8.5UK W 103 mm last insole 8.5UK Foot 26.8 cm 8.5UK HIRO L 301 mm shoe outsole 8.5UK W 106 mm shoe outsole 8.5UK L 284 mm last insole 8.5UK W 102 mm last insole 8.5UK Foot 26.8 cm 8.5UK HIRO L 305mm shoe outsole 9UK W 107mm shoe outsole 9UK L 288mm...
Not a bad idea. Kind of a gamble having to get them shipped from Spain and all ;/
I've had 2 Meermin shoes prior to these, they both were Hiro last, if I remember correctly. I need a true EE, while the RUI isn't exactly as wide as say, White's Boots EE, it works well enough it seems... I've contacted Meermin to see what other shoes would fit like this, but they gave me shitty replies I went through this morning and checked all of the other shoes and lasts, no other are made on the RUI so I guess I cannot buy anything else from them. Any...
Yeah, I hear you. Gotta suck a dick once a while too, I hear that's how you get knowledge.
Nice dude, I just started IIFYMTEITFYWBBSITB. I also don't eat anything that does not have an expiration date
Wait a god damn fucking minute. You dont do high volume, drop sets, IIFYM, IF, clen, tren, test, cocaine?>??
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