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you dont train lower body, thats how
A word on my girlfriend's training: She wants to get to the gym, and things were going well, then school started and fucked things up, but she still tried once or twice a week. Anyways, she was doing 5/3/1 and was going well, now I wrote her a routine based off what I did a few months ago. She's not as serious about it as I am but I'm sure she'll make progress. As far as diet, she doesn't need to lose weight, rather could/should gain weight. She does not eat enough cuz...
Eason- you round right as the weight jerks off the floor. Jerk your dick, not the weight.
Holy fuck that SUCKSYou look leaner than me right now but jesus that's a terrible figure. Looks like you need some heavy deadlifts and shoulder work in your routine to offset that hourglass.And I say deadlifts because that's how my lats grew, but for all you butthurt people - go do heavy pullups.
Making reps every time you train. That's a great feel.
get your back into neutral
fuji can you even bench 225?
oh jeez fuji talking about use of a bench shirt. why do you even snatch grip shrug? hell, why are you even shrugging?
well props for coming up with a video, but given the angle, cant judge properly but, i salute you on coming through.
Was that ~250? And was that supposed to be "speed" work?
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