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astro turf yea
There's a practice hockey thing to the left of image, I guess for stray pucks. Behind me is a door that leads to batting cages, maybe at some point the cages were in this area.
What's up new gym?
I'm going to go ahead and say there is more than 4g fat in there, but still looks good.
Some light work off a 1", so, probably a bit different than if I were pulling off the floor in flat shoes
The best thing I've ever done is follow science in my diet and training. The sooner y'all realize this, the sooner you'll make "true" progress.
While this may be true, they sent him an exact pair same-day he spoke with them, according to the shipping label. He did try it on and it fit the same, small.
your mind is full of fuck
hm is this a serious question? ok you have 5 days you go to the gym, you train lower once and you train upper 4 times. HM I FUCKING WONDER HOW
Posting my friend's experience: Ordered a pair of boots, got the size/pair ordered (9.5d), but they were too tight. Called them about a pair .5 bigger, they sent him the same exact pair. He sent those back, got a pair that was 11.5 with the wrong sole. 3 boots later, he is still waiting for the correct one. dunno dunno, i havent had troubles at all, you mileage may vary
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