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Price seems right ( $79 ) for oxfords but definitely would be trial and error. Returns seem annoying w them, I am not near any stores
Cool, thanks. For now I've been getting my shirts made by Ratio Clothing.
Didn't seem to be? I just tried on a 17-33 and it fit me well in the neck and sleeves..the rest was terrible. There goes my idea for a well fitting off-the-rack USA shirt.
This is tough for me, so very tough. Finding a shirt off the rack is next to impossible, that does not look sloppy. I went to Brooks Brothers today to try on the MILANO shirt. Got the 17-33. Fit well in the neck and sleeves, but when tucked in, HELLO MUSHROOM TOP I have a 42-43" chest with a 34" waist. I am also 5'7. This sucks.
banging the throttle wat? explain what that means
That is not what i meant
I wanted a small bag so I could ride my R1100 to work and not wear a backpack. It's handy, but of course not as handy as some side panniers would be. It also was $100 and a side pannier setup (BMW system cases) would run me $400+
A motorcycle is as dangerous as it's operator. You can kill yourself on anything.The real question you need to ask yourself is: Will I be upset if I lay this down?
hmm can someone explain this 'swing' i want less arch LOL
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