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What is the difference in sizing between SD and SJ? I need some taller boots for moped/motorcycle riding..I'm a 9EE in SD
Is Hallocks issue being fixed?
I'm seeing an anterior pelvic tilt, so your butt shoots back and causes that billowing in the back. If you stand and squeeze your glutes, your pelvis will level out and you will see how the shirt looks a tad bit different then.
The shirts would fit better if your posture was better Overall look good though.
Exactly. If Hallock measures the shirt just like Luxire's photo shows, and it is not 30.5", then it seems to be it's a complete fault on Luxire's part. Popcorn ready.
Yes, when I had pants made, Luxire sent me an email w the order summary and I checked all the measurements to make sure I did not make a mistake.What happened here is different: Luxire says he ordered 30.5" sleeves, but what he received is a shirt with 27.5" sleevesThat, to me, is an error on Luxire's manufacturing part. Why should Hallock have to pay money to ship the shirt back that was clearly incorrectly made?
HOLD ON, are you guys confused? The stripped shirt is what he received, the blue one is what he measured. He measured from the center of back on the blue shirt, 30.5"...the stripped appears to be 27.5" from the center back to sleeve.
What about the photo where he shows the shirt he took measurements from and the shirt that was created for him?
The original shirt looks to measure 30.5", the one created looks to be about 3" too short? Did the order say 30.5" and he received a shirt that is 27.5"? Clearly that is an error in manufacturing, not Hallock's order. IMO that is a full refund or a full reconstruction, but what do I know about customer service?
Looks like the shirt that was created is indeed quite a bit off. This really puts off the orders I had planned..
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