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Gently worn. Will clean up. Typical scratches of cxl leather. Brown cxl leather. Wore these a few times but looking to sell to thin out the herd. Durable oxford. 9ee. Made in USA. Recraftable, awesome big bulky. SOLD
See, this I believe.
fuji theres no way you squat 500. i dont believe it. post a video, prove me wrong. you dont have the muscle mass in your leggings to do that. sorry brother. unless you get 300lbs out of your wraps
UP! Make an offer, need these gone! Thank you
Oh sweet ok im still stronger than TK and weigh less. not as lean though so theres that/
Eason, you sound like Kendrick Farris post WWC 2013 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151958645622728&id=73437987727
Poor Eason, if only you could take carbs, you'd be so stronk and jacked and tan and never injured and and and and and
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