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http://imgur.com/a/Aj1fD $550 shipped A bit of wear. Soles are dirty, that's all. The boots are too narrow for me. I need an EE usually. Was hoping these would stretch out but I don't think they will any more. I've worn them for about a month off and on.
I am thinking about sending a shirt I like the fit of to the NJ office to get a few others made. ANyone go this route? How were the results?
I don't think so. I think I am wearing them where they are meant to be worn. They fit well in the back, too much in the front..My first pair is a 11" front, 17" back. Too tight in the crotch when I sit. The second are 12", 18" and too big. Perhaps 11/18 is what i need
I am looking at ordering a pair of wool trousers for winter. My last pair of chinos fit decently well, but a bit too much BULGE when I sit down or when I'm walking, there is excess fabric... Is this generally an issue of too much FRONT rise?
Just got my Murdock boots in. Not bad. 9D. Fit decently well, super hard to pull off LOL I like them but not sure, maybe I want somethng more robust...Any interest at $600 shipped? They be brand new other than me just putting em on..(WEARING SOCKS, DISREGARD LEG HAIR)
Thanks for being an asshole
No, i didnt ask for anything special in the hem other than to have it finished like a pair of jeans. Had them add a coin pocket, RRL Officer Chino-like stitching around pockets and then flaps for rear pockets too
Navy twill chino. 9.5" at knee, 8" at opening. I really like the smaller hem, anything more than 8.5-8.75 and it looks silly on me with anything other than boots, I think. Small calves, big thighs.
Not a great photo. Navy chinos. Thoughts?
If I wanted the SJ i'd imagine I can get same size in the 461 last (SD last/ bounty hunter) ?
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