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LOL you think that is in KG
picked up some Aerostich Combat Touring boots used. Going to get resoled today.
Here is my R1100S
Shipped in the US. 9D on the Barrie last. Worn twice, a bit too narrow for me. I think I need a 9E on this last.
I felt quite comfortable on my DR650 because it was easy to throw around in town. Terrible on highway, not meant for it. My XL1200 was terrible in town, I did not like it. Rode nice and stable on highway. My current R1100S is kinda in between - I don't think I particularly like the posture on it, though I have barbacks and lowered pegs now. It's nice and stable on the highway as well. My Ural - great in the city. Highway? LOL. Top speed 70, I've never hit it..
Anyone else feel that Joona's whole fit is off? Short jacket/long shirt, cuffed pants..proportions feel awkward IMO. I don't like it. Jacket itself looks good.
OY! I hope you actually get it. Freeriders is te ex Lawless Denim, I am quite sure, and Roman is a crook
You're welcome. They're great. You may even be able to send in a well-fitting shirt and have them match it or make adjustments off it. Ask..
Well yes, with Ratio i sent in measurements and we figured out a size. It also helped to stop by their shop in Denver to get a few adjustments. Still not 100% sure on fit but maybe I am just being picky.I just looked at my Ratio shirt's measurements and compared to BB Extra slim fit (milano) and the milano is 7" bigger in the waist than the Ratio shirt
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