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Ended up ordering the Tin Cruiser in a 42 to try out. Ill post pics tomorrow!
Thanks all,still not sure on how to size, then! Customer service was pretty certain Seattle would work for me if I want to do a button down and sweater underneath. I don't imagine I will want even more layers come the dead of michigan winter...I think I want it more for spring and fall wear, when its not below zero yet?
I was told the seattle fit is a bit trimmer. customer service of filson told me that if i want to do a longsleeve and sweater, seattle in Large would work for me (if 44 was good). if i wanna do layers on layers, the alaska fit would be it.
dont mind me, just jumping on shit
I recently sent my White's to get resoled. 6-8week wait. Drews Boots told me they will try to get them back to me early October as I want them before my travels to the east coast. Cannot wait
Anyone know the difference between the "alaska" and "seattle" fit? I tried on a 44 cruiser (alaska fit) and will try a 42 when my local store gets it. But I am interested in the 'seattle' fit as the one I tried on is a bit roomy.. Also, seems like the Made in USA coats are all made out of 'imported' material. Anyone else notice that?
Tempted to have a pair of slacks/pants made in this fabric. Anyone try this yet? http://luxire.com/products/navy-selvage-chino-jeans
Gently worn. Will clean up. Typical scratches of cxl leather. Brown cxl leather. Wore these a few times but looking to sell to thin out the herd. Durable oxford. 9ee. Made in USA. Recraftable, awesome big bulky. SOLD
See, this I believe.
fuji theres no way you squat 500. i dont believe it. post a video, prove me wrong. you dont have the muscle mass in your leggings to do that. sorry brother. unless you get 300lbs out of your wraps
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