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shove it all in my wallet
maybe he's tall and not thick
I am just waiting for colder weather. my commute to work is 2.5miles and I get mighty sweaty even wearing just my Vanson jacket and jeans. I feel silly putting on my Aerostich now but I think with colder weather it'll be nice. My R1100S has no bags so it's annoying, can't bring extra clothes. Just ordered a Kriega US20 so i can just strap that onto the tail section.
belstaff this belstaff that, how about a vanson? http://uniongaragenyc.com/shop/motorcycle-jackets/union-garage-robinson-jacket
honestly, i may have to disagree. i like my white's, they sure are comfortable, but sometimes my feet hurt from the arch/steel shank and heel. sometimes i am much more comfortable in my new balances every person is different
ah ok, not being in US makes it tougher
is it me , or maybe youre just standing funny, but youre posture is a bit fkd?
Looking lean at least?
Have you considered an EBR? Can be had for under $10 if you look hard enough
What the fuck? Explain how DUIs are 'bullshit'
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