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Why are you on forums at work?
You're welcome
naw, must be the way i was standing or something..
Damn I need this is BLACKWhat is this called??!
Sorry, not the best fit pic, but got my cashmere/wool pants in today. Fit great, super comfy and warm
For those curious on order timing, I placed mine November 13th for a pair of flannel trousers. I will update when i get shipping confirmation..
whats your take on those 'ready to wear' suits? I mean, it fit me well, i thought, however, i have a hard time paying $648 (or maybe it was 698) for something made in Thailand...thoughts?? and by well, i mean, it wasn't great, shoulders are always too big for me because of my traps. sloped shoulders. I believe this was the 'Regent' suit in a 41R.
oh hi thread
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