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Are these still happening?
I am waiting on the Left Field X Vanson Commando. The large didnt fit, too big, hoping the medium is right, otherwise back to the drawing board..
nope, still riding. ill winterize when theres ice on my driveway and it's too cold to ride on 3 wheels
I hated my 04 XL1200C Felt too stretched out on it, not comfortable. Forward controls did not help. Idled like shit (Like a Harley does) and was too loud with the Vance&Hines pipes. Perhaps mids would have worked but meh.
Cool Harley. I sat on one and a 72 as well. Liked them but not for MSRP. Went and bought a URAL instead. LOL.
Correct. It's the upcoming Zongshen built TT250 that CSC is selling. Will be $24** after this deal ends. Pretty psyched. The rx-3 is getting great praise. This will be great for the type of riding I do, and costs ridiculously low for a new bike.
Put a deposit down for this. Should have it in Spring. Haters gon hate.
but have you taken a riders course yet?
Port that bitch. You won't blow it up.That's a good price paid for stock.I had a Maxi w a ZA50 that with a pipe only did 38.The same maxi with a ported e50 and 15mm carb and shit pipe did 42.Mopeds are fun, if you dont spend much money...tell that to me years ago when I went 100% Doppler on a Motobecane..
Depends on the bike and who/how it was maintained.I had a 04 Harley with 34k and it ran amazing.I've had a 74 BMW that had 89k and it ran amazing.
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