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I started to look into it and saw that the Duke 390 is also bound for USA. I am more interested in that. More leisure riding posture, nimble for city riding. I need to sell some of my bikes..anyone looking? ( 1979 XS650, 1974 BMW R75/6 ...)
There is a rear light and headlight.Michigan does not require turn signals. only 1 mirror is required, simple add-on to a bar end would do.our bikes dont need to get inspected unless they have no title.im not sure what the deal with this one would be because i have a title but i also have a certificate of origin saying the bike isnt meant for the street..but with the title, I do not think id have any issues registering it.that being said, this bike would probably be awful...
WHAT WHEN HOLY FUCK.Can you imagine if they did this in a 2stroke?? EPA would never allow it in this country, but wow that'd be something
Just traded 2 mopeds for a 1990 Husaberg FE501. This bike is probably going to kill me I should flip it.
So this happened. Maybe a bit of rounding, maybe not. My erectors are big. No fucks given.
At what point do you think you should go see a doctor? When you can't get up from bed? When pain meds don't do anything? When you're sucking dick for meth?
I dont know the answer to your question and don't know if this matters to you, but that vest is China made.
Know what this looks like? You bought on sale and now are trying to sell for profit.
Are you disagreeing with the mighty Dr Israetel?
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