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Eason, you sound like Kendrick Farris post WWC 2013 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151958645622728&id=73437987727
Poor Eason, if only you could take carbs, you'd be so stronk and jacked and tan and never injured and and and and and
Eason thinks everyone is on roids. Eason, if you went on, you still would not be charly.
I hear ya.To answer: I don't keep stuff in pockets ever
Sweet squatting Charly. How much do you think you get out of your wraps?
I dont know dude, I've done yoga all of 4 times, and every time I took stuff out of my pockets.
Do you wear shorts without underwear?Compression shorts under shorts.
lol $68 training shortsoh right, 'styleforum.net'
fuji is on? why do you look like you never picked up a weight? thought you were jacked and tan bro
bros, i have fallen far, i am down to 135lbs. fml. reason ive avoided this thread cuz im ashamed of myself, maybe y'all will put faith back into me
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