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Just traded 2 mopeds for a 1990 Husaberg FE501. This bike is probably going to kill me I should flip it.
So this happened. Maybe a bit of rounding, maybe not. My erectors are big. No fucks given.
At what point do you think you should go see a doctor? When you can't get up from bed? When pain meds don't do anything? When you're sucking dick for meth?
I dont know the answer to your question and don't know if this matters to you, but that vest is China made.
Know what this looks like? You bought on sale and now are trying to sell for profit.
Are you disagreeing with the mighty Dr Israetel?
fuji looks like a skinny shit. sucks being tall.
friend has his romas stolen from our gym. we have like 10members too. must've been someone from the group training or baseball or something else that's athletic
New Posts  All Forums: