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cool thanks!
ah, ok. where did you see this/
I was under the impression whites and wesco charge extra for this?
How is it I JUST learned that Nick's does actual foot measurements for custom boots? Damn
You could also ask for a different sole if you really want the boots? I'm sure a local cobbler can do that sole for you as well..
Hm, no arch support you say? I may like that (I use my own insoles). Guess I will look into Wesco for my next boot (how is sizing, same as White's? I had a 9EE in the SD but I think I can do even 8.5EE
No but the only thing I have to add is that Schott just hasn't been the Schott of yester-years.
Yup - same knucks. Lost a bit of weight. Had a back injury and a back injury. Changed up training. It's all good. Down to a lean-ish 170 now.
Left Field x Vanson Commando
got my medium left field X vanson. Seems to fit well. I dig. Photos maybe tomorrw
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