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How is it I JUST learned that Nick's does actual foot measurements for custom boots? Damn
You could also ask for a different sole if you really want the boots? I'm sure a local cobbler can do that sole for you as well..
Hm, no arch support you say? I may like that (I use my own insoles). Guess I will look into Wesco for my next boot (how is sizing, same as White's? I had a 9EE in the SD but I think I can do even 8.5EE
No but the only thing I have to add is that Schott just hasn't been the Schott of yester-years.
Yup - same knucks. Lost a bit of weight. Had a back injury and a back injury. Changed up training. It's all good. Down to a lean-ish 170 now.
Left Field x Vanson Commando
got my medium left field X vanson. Seems to fit well. I dig. Photos maybe tomorrw
Are these still happening?
I am waiting on the Left Field X Vanson Commando. The large didnt fit, too big, hoping the medium is right, otherwise back to the drawing board..
nope, still riding. ill winterize when theres ice on my driveway and it's too cold to ride on 3 wheels
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