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Size 8.5 UK / 9 US $70+Shipping in USA
150 SHIPPED in USA Brand new, I put it on once, was too small on me
Anyone wanna buy Reigning Champ X CDW? Size Large, heather ash. Brand new, too small for me. $150 shipped
OK who just signed up at my gym? Tapered crop sweats, nikes, red wing boots. Who was it? Fess up
Ann Arbor, eh? Where do you train?
I agree.I had a heater last yr in the garage. I did not open door because it leaks air anyways. A little bit ago I insulate my garage, but not the door. When considering lifting in the garage I was going to seal up the door entirely. I was even considering getting some electric heaters, running 220V lines, or getting some infrared heaters, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth it because the bar would be freezing. Yes, I can bring the bar in, and keep it inside, etc etc,...
coming along
Yeah, it's nice. I wish my basement was taller so I could military press. Garage is quite cold.
First workout in basement this morning. Don't like pure cement, cant wait for some plywood at least. Might make a platform this weekend.
I mean, maybe, maybe it does hurt. maybe you have a tear, maybe you dont.
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