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Sweet. None in my size yet, but I am keepin an eye on it.
I am waiting for whitesriver to update their for sale on ebay.. Trying to score a pair in roughout on the cheap
my vanson commando is competition leather. if youre used to light leathers, look elsewhere. (it's awesome)the medium weighs 8lbs
Stopped in on Friday at LES to try on the trainers. Would buy on sale.
dirty mirror vanson / left field jacket rambler's way henley sugarcane type 3 lone wolf engineer
Anyone know which shop, the Brooklyn or the Manhattan location, has more of the sale items? I'll be in NYC this weekend
Emailed Baker my foot tracings. Hopefully this will confirm or improve sizing. I've been wearing a 9EE in both the SD and the Nomad but sometimes I feel like I get left foot pain. There's slight difference in my feet but I wonder if it's enough to make a difference in sizing.
^^ Here is someone with bigger thighs wearing the SC Type III
I'm a fan. I will be in NYC in a week, hope to stop by the shop there just to try stuff on..just got a Vanson so definitely don't need anything else but worth a look
Looks lame and made in China, if that matters.
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