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bought a pair of wraps from charly. watch out.
Iron Heart's 21oz Super Black rider's jacket. Size 42 or 'XL'. Great shape overall, missing the main leather tassel on the main zipper. Small marks from where I had pins Never washed or soaked. Getting to be too slim for me. Asking $400 375 shipped in the United States.
My last pair (which I need to go home and try on still) was December 2013
Hi guys, I took a pair of my Luxire pants to the tailor, he will be taking the seat out some. In the mean time, what measurement(s) is/are responsible for the top block? 11" front rise, 18" back seemed right for me, but I am not sure. Probably the hips and half-hip? I had pants made with 20" and 22.50", respectively. Pockets were made 'on seam', there is NO pocket flare. The center seam somewhat digs into my bum-crack..
^^what happened with your back?
Ended up ordering the Tin Cruiser in a 42 to try out. Ill post pics tomorrow!
Thanks all,still not sure on how to size, then! Customer service was pretty certain Seattle would work for me if I want to do a button down and sweater underneath. I don't imagine I will want even more layers come the dead of michigan winter...I think I want it more for spring and fall wear, when its not below zero yet?
I was told the seattle fit is a bit trimmer. customer service of filson told me that if i want to do a longsleeve and sweater, seattle in Large would work for me (if 44 was good). if i wanna do layers on layers, the alaska fit would be it.
dont mind me, just jumping on shit
I recently sent my White's to get resoled. 6-8week wait. Drews Boots told me they will try to get them back to me early October as I want them before my travels to the east coast. Cannot wait
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