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SJC has just released bench-made Balmorals made in England and currently at limited edition early bird low price before they go up on Kickstarter http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/footwear/
I just put an order in for a pair of Simon James Cathcart HUMP boots. (engineers) Excited to get these, though it'll take a few weeks. Simon's been doing big things. http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/footwear
110 shipped in the USA Worn for 2 weeks. Some minor fading starting. Self Edge sells these for $210
I've owned them for 6-7months now
I have a EE foot and got these in an EE. Not an issue IMO
Got some brass buckles from BRASS TOKYO put on at my cobbler
Sweet. None in my size yet, but I am keepin an eye on it.
I am waiting for whitesriver to update their for sale on ebay.. Trying to score a pair in roughout on the cheap
my vanson commando is competition leather. if youre used to light leathers, look elsewhere. (it's awesome)the medium weighs 8lbs
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