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The Leather is Spanish High Shine Veg tan Calf. The tanned skins are imported into the UK and cut in Northampton.
SJC has just released bench-made British Correspondant Spectator shoes from Italian canvas and calf in three shades to choose from, they are currently at limited edition of 25 pairs early bird low price before they go up on Kickstarter next week. http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/footwear/
SJC has just released bench-made Balmorals made in England and currently at limited edition early bird low price before they go up on Kickstarter http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/footwear/
I just put an order in for a pair of Simon James Cathcart HUMP boots. (engineers) Excited to get these, though it'll take a few weeks. Simon's been doing big things. http://www.simonjamescathcart.com/footwear
110 shipped in the USA Worn for 2 weeks. Some minor fading starting. Self Edge sells these for $210
I've owned them for 6-7months now
I have a EE foot and got these in an EE. Not an issue IMO
Got some brass buckles from BRASS TOKYO put on at my cobbler
Sweet. None in my size yet, but I am keepin an eye on it.
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