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erbs, what if you figured out why you tweaked your back and get yourself stronger in that manner?
Anyone have anything made by Meermin on the RUI last? I am a 9EE and my previous two shoes from Meermin were too slim.
I have a lot of bikes now. This is one of them I have a single speed Motobecane that i built from the frame up (got the frame from bikeisland). originally it was fixed but i don't ride fixed anymore because it's stupid
he's trolling you
still squats more than you
depends on what youre eating and when
So how strong are y'all getting? Lean is cool and all, but can you squat the bar below parallel?
Also the blue Harley is an XLH900. 1969. For sale for pennies (relatively speaking: cheap for what Harleys seem to go for). Inquire within.
Copy Pasta from a different forum. Some of y'all will laugh.. Oh..bikes..yeah..I had/have a couple.. Newest purchase (and newest bike I've ever owned) Have: Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
Size 9.5, made in Maine USA Worn once. Beautiful condition. $70+shipping in USA
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