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ah ok, not being in US makes it tougher
is it me , or maybe youre just standing funny, but youre posture is a bit fkd?
Looking lean at least?
Have you considered an EBR? Can be had for under $10 if you look hard enough
What the fuck? Explain how DUIs are 'bullshit'
Why? Aerostich is amazing customer service.If it doesn't fit or you don't like it, they'll refund you. Free shipping, free returns. What's to lose?
I'll chime in: I did a 550mi round trip in 16oz jeans, engineer boots, full face, and a vanson mark2 perforated jacket. It was hot but it was OK. I did not like the lack of pockets. I recently got an Aerostich suit in hi-viz. It's nice because I can wear my gym clothes and zip up and not worry. Do I look stylish? Fuck no, but I like and feel confident that I have knee protection, better abrasion protection than jeans. And when I am at my destination, I just pop out of...
they are gone gone gone with your money in mexico
Workware Heritage is out of HK iirc
not sure when it'll be time for a resole, but thinking of doing a vibram wedge sole on my semi dress
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