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Yes, there is hardly any research into foam rolling et.al. but if it helps a person achieve proper range before training, it is a vital tool!
Sounds awful
Ill throw this up as well
Seems like the proper time to post this image again
Would have to see a video of your squat..Define "odd" ?
First time low-bar in a few years. Gotta fix some things but overall felt fine..Maybe a bit of rounding, maybe not. *felt* fine. I imagine elbows under bar more would fix the issue. 2nd set of ~ 4 away from fail.
Judging that a diet is going well in less than 24 hours. LOL.
oh yeah cool, go ahead and shut down your system and risk never producing your own test for a measly 150mg
If you don't want to pull in heels, then just get some trails, IMO (if you want barefoot feel like shoes), or those Merrell..try em out and see what feels nice and solid. I like my Inov8 for most things, but they're also kinda weird and don't hug my foot well. Last few weeks I've worn chucks on days im pullin
LOLThose cross-trainers aren't at all like the Powerlift.They are athletic shoes that just happen to have a small heel to toe drop, that's all. IMO, they are 'meh.' Too soft and squishy.The trails are better, thinner and harder but they are in no way anything like the powerlift or any weightlifting shoe.
New Posts  All Forums: