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lol $68 training shortsoh right, 'styleforum.net'
fuji is on? why do you look like you never picked up a weight? thought you were jacked and tan bro
bros, i have fallen far, i am down to 135lbs. fml. reason ive avoided this thread cuz im ashamed of myself, maybe y'all will put faith back into me
Why are you on forums at work?
You're welcome
naw, must be the way i was standing or something..
Damn I need this is BLACKWhat is this called??!
Sorry, not the best fit pic, but got my cashmere/wool pants in today. Fit great, super comfy and warm
For those curious on order timing, I placed mine November 13th for a pair of flannel trousers. I will update when i get shipping confirmation..
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