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Bedford Chukka - Natural Chromexcel - Plantation crepe sole w/ no heel-to-toe drop - Midsole: Natural w/ beige stitch - Tan Hand sew thread - Size 9EE These are pretty dark brown now. I've worn them and had them resoled with a Vibram dark sole because I did not like the crepe. $75+15 to ship in the USA. Thanks.
Trying to ride my BMW to anywhere (work, gym), real short trips but whatever. Cool bike but the thought of replacing scratched up plastic if I were to be dumb..ugh..I'd rather buy a pair of Alden shoes. I think that is why I miss older bikes - more metal, less plastic. Easier to fix, work on. Ducatis sure are sexy but man oh man do I love the boxer engine.
Kind of want to sell my bike, any takers? 2004 R1100S 11k miles, service done at the dealer, got papers. ABS, heated grips, bar backs, drop pegs, $6500
LOL you think that is in KG
Worn but still feel like they need to be broken in! Built like a TANK. Bought these mainly for riding my motorcycle but now I have some actual motorcycle boots and these seem redundant. Received in April 2015, wore sporadically until now. Originally $420 White's Boots Nomad Engineer - $419.95 SKU: MB9165 Toe Vamp Leather: Black Smooth Upper (Shaft) Leather: Black Smooth Counter Leather: Black Smooth Heel Base: Standard Heel Lifts: Standard Midsole: Single Edge:...
picked up some Aerostich Combat Touring boots used. Going to get resoled today.
Here is my R1100S
Shipped in the US. 9D on the Barrie last. Worn twice, a bit too narrow for me. I think I need a 9E on this last.
I felt quite comfortable on my DR650 because it was easy to throw around in town. Terrible on highway, not meant for it. My XL1200 was terrible in town, I did not like it. Rode nice and stable on highway. My current R1100S is kinda in between - I don't think I particularly like the posture on it, though I have barbacks and lowered pegs now. It's nice and stable on the highway as well. My Ural - great in the city. Highway? LOL. Top speed 70, I've never hit it..
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