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Yeah, I hear you. Gotta suck a dick once a while too, I hear that's how you get knowledge.
Nice dude, I just started IIFYMTEITFYWBBSITB. I also don't eat anything that does not have an expiration date
Wait a god damn fucking minute. You dont do high volume, drop sets, IIFYM, IF, clen, tren, test, cocaine?>??
Two recent PRs. Yes yes, Charly, I'll make sure my knees aren't soft next time.. 505*3 (3rd set) 429*1
Nope. Stop giving advice.
lol diets.
bumping this solely for the sake of asking: is Lawless no longer an affiliate? is that why the other thread was locked?
put an order in for white's nomad feb 18th smooth black cant wait
lol cutting and drinking alcohol
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