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I agree.I had a heater last yr in the garage. I did not open door because it leaks air anyways. A little bit ago I insulate my garage, but not the door. When considering lifting in the garage I was going to seal up the door entirely. I was even considering getting some electric heaters, running 220V lines, or getting some infrared heaters, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth it because the bar would be freezing. Yes, I can bring the bar in, and keep it inside, etc etc,...
coming along
Yeah, it's nice. I wish my basement was taller so I could military press. Garage is quite cold.
First workout in basement this morning. Don't like pure cement, cant wait for some plywood at least. Might make a platform this weekend.
I mean, maybe, maybe it does hurt. maybe you have a tear, maybe you dont.
*my* popping knee does not hurt ever.
this happened
Um, can you go to a doc? Could be meniscus?
Oh here we go, let me guess, you have a 32" waist and 23" thighs and cant find pants that fit? "BUILT THIGHS, BRO" Just poking fun, but yes, I have this problem too. I have no issues with my Luxire pants I had custom made but my boys still feel claustrophobic despite no issues in thighs or bum..
I'm with you..I emailed all of the dealers in my surrounding area to get more info. I saw on the KTM forums some have placed a deposit ($100 or so). Dealers cannot order til about Feb and take delivery most likely April/May.I certainly need to sell off my bikes before this though
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