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nice, the hulk would approve, sorry i have no suggestions for you. I have a pair of purple jeans that i have yet to wear out side the house, they are destined for oxfarm. i dont know what made me think id look cool in purple pants
Quote: Originally Posted by blahgspot I wanted to update the above ... After complaining numerous times, I received a credit for the shirt. I am satisfied by this, but I urged them that if they are going to have that "shirt builder" visualization (in reality, an incredibly cool tool), it should more accurately reflect what a shirt will look like. Or have some sort of pop-up telling you that your choice of collar style, etc, will look different depending...
thought ill add mt 2 cent. ive ordered twice from these guys about 6 shirts, delivery time is not the fastest for sure, 30 odd days is the norm. materials are actually quite good (order the £30 poplin and you get what you pay for of course, but there are some much better stuff on offer for £50-£60) construction is also quite good (at least to my eyes) i made my order copying the measurements off one of my fav shirts and the fit is almost identical to the original...
i could be wrong, but looks like a m-65 american jobbie to me
looks bloody awful! but if you cant afford an overcoat, its better than being cold.......... nah id rather be cold
shoe for me, i think it divides in to leather or wool in my mind, so leather wallets and belts also before suit
the arms are way too long, they will never shrink short enough. im waiting for my first order to arrive myself, but i gave the measurement of a shirt that i already own(with a few adjustment) rather than my body measurement. i hope it comes out ok. how did you find the quality of the shirt apart from the off fit?
oh man. every choice you make seem to throw up another problem for you. good luck, i hope to see a good outfit on you soon. with your shorter 514s, it depends how short but it can still look good. boat shoes without sock could look fine. or loafers. ( i know you probably wont be trying this look but for something a bit 70s skinhead try a pair of dr.martins eight eyelets and braces, )
hey! that's a pretty sweet watch to FIND in a basement, youre one lucky s**%£$@, congrats. I'd say if it fits under your cuff then wear it with a suit. Its a little bulky for what i can tell from that video, buts its really no big deal. comparing it to most watches people wear its not that big.
Quote: Note: Apparently the last 2 pics are a real trend. Anyone care to chime in on if this is true along with the historical context of this fad? i like polos. you cant shoot down a perfectly good item of clothing because retards also wears them.
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