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After punishing us with this link, I give you two choices. 1. You will post an equal number of french women dressed lightly in parisian winter, or 2. You will proxy for me some Saphir Medaille D'Or shoe creams that I can't order from Valmour because they charge 30 euros shipping for a few creams.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I finally took measurements of the Lockie v-neck in size 42. They are as follows: Chest, underarm to underarm: 21.5 inches (43 inches around) Length, measured down the back: 27 inches Waist: 17.25 inches across Sleeves, from center of the back: 36 inches (31.25 inches + 4.75 inch cuffs) Thank you very much, Sir. In the meantime, and after srivats' advice, I ordered the McGeorge baroque shetland...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo What sort of brush should one use? Are they grades of the hairs on the brushes, like with sandpaper? Thanks! Of course there are grades of the hairs on the brushes! There is pure badger, best badger and silvertip badger. Silvertip is the softest one. Oh wait a minute... you didn't mean shaving brushes, did you
Is there a machine as good as Concept2 by a european manufacturer? Concept2 prices are ridiculous here. The distributor has a price of 1650 euros ( about $2378 ) for the model D with PM3 monitor and 2000 euros ( about $2883 ) for the model E which has a PM4 monitor. Getting one new or used from the US is not an option due to shipping of course.
One word: Diptyque. They have a great tradition in making fragrances and scented candles. One of their classics is Firewood ( Feu de Bois ). Check the rest of the collection, they have a big variety so you will probably find something that you like. And be ready to pay a significant amount for whatever you buy.
When we were in the army, we didn't have what to do so we set up a LAN and were playing Tzar, something like a clone of Age of Empires. The funniest incident was when an opponent built the perfect defense and I sent my armies on flying carpets, got past his armies and the wall that surrounded his castle and started destroying it without anyone bothering them. It was LOL to see my opponent's armies destroying their own defense walls to try to reach me
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i still love yahoo chess. im there play me briiian13 I am in. Where do I have to go to play? I have a yahoo account.
Delicious thread Does one have to buy chocolates fresh from a local shop or it is safe to order online from another country?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I really like the Cash Flow 101 board game (PC version). I played this and was fun but seemed very easy. It's a one time game.
The classic and original method of speed reading was developed by Evelyn Wood. I would suggest reading The Evelyn Wood 7-Day Speed Reading & Learning Program. Even if you don't learn to do the difficult vertical reading, you will still learn some tips that will help you speed up your conventional reading. One thing that I remember from this course is that most people read with their "hidden voice" meaning they pronounce the words they read silently in their head or they...
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