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I have the Philips HD9140 and am very happy. It takes about 45 minutes to prepare 100-150gr of brown rice.
I'll post my results to watch my progress and to give me motivation. No Concept2 machines here so don't get surprised by what you see. The liferower we have at the gym has 15 levels. 13-15 is called Olympic, 9-12 advanced, etc. Today I did a warmup for 3 minutes at level 7. Then I rowed for 12 minutes at level 9 at 25-26 strokes per minute. I did 6250 m in 12 minutes. When I rowed it seemed easy most of the time, but when I finished I noticed that my heart beat faster...
Nice stuff there I particularly like the herringbone tie and the pocket square (brand? ) that is on top of the others. Where are you located?
Traditionally in my country we have big lunches and big dinners. I am trying to move to 5-6 meals per day instead of 3. The one thing I obviously have to do is reduce the amount I eat for lunch and dinner. How about the rest 3-4 meals? By the way, I am not going to use any protein supplements.
Can you explain "too creepy" ? I am currently using both gmail and google search. Is there something we should know?
I am thinking of ordering some over the calf wool Pantherellas for the first time. Should I try both blends to find out which one suits me best or one of them has a significant advantage over the other in quality, value, longevity, etc?
Ok, I want to try some of this stuff. Do you know any online shops in EU that deliver to EU countries? Thanks
Since we are on the subject, can someone tell me how do I copy my contacts/phone numbers FROM my iphone to my PC ( itunes or not itunes ) ?
I had been working on an Excel file containing my current wardrobe and the things I still have to buy before SF, but since coming to this forum and AAAC I almost started from scratch. Maybe we can exchange some ideas that will help us organize better. I read an old thread where someone suggested an Access database for this purpose, but I don't have knowledge of Access, so I'll go first by saying what I do in Excel and let this thread go its way, even if it's not my way...
Just in case you clicked the link and feel dizzy, this is to make you feel better. HHD, is this considered "looking french" ?
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