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I don't know, I asked this because there is trouble when ordering something from outside the EU that doesn't have licence from the greek FDA. Shipments from EU pass without check at customs.
Idea: If you don't want to get your shoulders and triceps tired through doing presses and bench the same day, maybe on the days that you do press you could do a chest isolation exercise like dumbell flies.
Thanks javyn. I was hoping you would reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Thanks guys - Checked out the Miele's today (after looking at Kenmore, LG and Samsung). They appear to have a Sh*tload of functions and an extra year (2 total) of warranty thrown in. Seriously considering these now. What? Only 2 years guarantee for a Miele? That doesn't sound very good. There are many reports on the web that generally say the following: 1. Yes, Miele is still the best. 2. People...
I read some older threads on multivitamins and superfoods and am very curious. Are things like spirulina and chlorella and maca a better source of some vitamins or minerals than the equivalent vitamin/multivitamin supplement? I am in EU so I was thinking about ordering some stuff from Chemistdirect. Do you know anything about the brands they carry like Healthaid, Kudos, etc? If you can suggest another source inside EU, I am all ears. At the moment, I am only taking...
I shop at Lidl and Aldi all the time. They are the best choice here, mostly because the other chains have unreasonably high prices. It's hard though to stay away from the "candy" corridor
Quote: Originally Posted by rich_202 How accurate are the calorie counters on the C2? To the best of my knowledge, the machine doesn't have a menu to enter your body's specs (height, weight, age) like many treadmills. I have mentioned in this thread that unfortunately the gym has no Concept2 rowers, of course you didn't know that. The only rower they have is a Liferower, a "thing" from the 80s that looks like an arcade game, when I did the...
Hey just did a high score today First did a 3 minute warmup at level 12 out of 15. Then went for 6500m at level 13 in 12 minutes. At my usual rate of 500m per minute, I wasn't going to make it, so for some minutes I went up to 28-29 strokes per minute and just made it. The machine said I burnt 165 calories in these 12 minutes.
Let's see if I have learnt something from this forum I think this is a PoW because it has the blue overcheck. Did I get it?
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