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My votes go to Cetaphil and Shiseido men. For deep cleaning Dermalogica daily microfoliant.
Wow wow wow.....wait a minute when you said across you meant both legs? Houston we have a problem
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff you should know for your own dress pant size. me personally, i wear a size 34 waist dress pant. trouser upper thigh across measurement is anywhere between 12.5 to 14 inches. 12.5-13 being very slim sleek look upper block and a 13.5 to 14 inches for a slim but breathable upper block. my legs are skinny though. for most people who have normal thighs who like a regular fit (or a biker thigh with slim fit) you...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff Measurement is upper thigh at the crotch seam straight across I believe So, dear , for a regular fit, how much more than the actual body measurement should the garment measurement be?
Can you explain where you take the thigh measurement? I measured myself at about the middle of the thigh ( meaning the middle of the distance between the knee and where the leg ends ) and it seems to be more than 21 inches. I have started squatting lately and this number will probably continue to go up . Am I out of the game for now?
HA! Someone dared to do a high score and enter his initials on my machine. Well, on behalf of all SF rowing members, I taught him a lesson today After a 3-minute warmup, I went for a 15-minute ride for the first time. I began at 26-27 strokes per minute, raised for some time to 28, and judging from my 12-minute score last time, I thought it would be relatively easy. BUT My math wasn't very good. As I finished the first half ( 7.5 minutes ) I realised that at that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stavros Do people have any thoughts about cotton sweaters or cardigans as outer layer, for warm weather? If they are indeed an option, any brands to keep an eye on? I have bought 2 sweaters and 1 cardigan in sea island cotton by John Smedley. Good value if you find them below 50 pounds. They are quite slim fit and I used them under a sportcoat or a blazer in autumn and winter. Don't know if they would wear hot in...
Hey I am here too Hi Stavros and the rest. This is Panagiotis from Thessaloniki, how are you? Is your surname Niarchos by any chance? And according to this dumbbell flies are an isolation movement.
I probably wanted to write cable standing flies.
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