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Do you like anything from here? If you want details and photos of individual items, just ask. Everything on white gold is 18K. This is all private collection. I don't have them in front of me right now but if I am correct most of them are in your budget.
Quote: Originally Posted by atct86 Has anyone heard of E Sale Rugs? I have purchased two amazing Persian rugs from them; for super low prices. One runner was $90, and 50 years old, and then a larger area rug for $400. If I had $54294 I would buy this I saw all the pics and It's definitely the most beautiful carpet I have ever seen.
Just saw this https://secureshop.johnstonscashmere...r-workbag.aspx You like?
You could go for a wholecut with a medallion like C&J Weymouth 400GBP. I just saw C&J Rosemoor on Pediwear and I like it 400GBP. Another option is a brown half brogue oxford in suede like C&J Belgrave 390GBP. Do you like loafers? Do you want to try shell cordovan? I think Alden is in your price range.
I was ready to reply brown double strap monk but the last picture spoiled the fun I'll think of something else and ...I'LL BE BACK
Thanks, this link shows another seller for this book and according to their site the book was published today.
The link is here It says Product details * Hardcover: 216 pages * Publisher: Ullmann Publishing (27 Oct 2010) The price seems too good to be true, is this the real thing or a mistake happened? There is no image available, and google didn't help. If anybody knows something more, please tell us and leave a copy for me, ok
I like the Edward Green Inverness. You can see it on the Edward Green website in burgundy antique.
It's a big jump from Fusion to straight blades in one move. Do you already use a badger brush and shaving cream/soap + good preparation? I would suggest having a look at DE shaving before making any decisions. I learnt in one of the wet shaving forums, there are also many videos that are very educational. About the fusion, I used to use it but don't think there is a way to vastly improve the situation. It's 3-4 shaves max and then you have to change blade or suffer the...
Did a search, nothing on these. I want to make an order from feelunique and these brands are my choices for spirulina and chlorella. I have tried Fushi in the past but it's much more expensive, is it top quality or something? Or should I just make another order from Healthaid for this type of supplements?
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