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Narciso Rodriguez for Him. Great for wet autumn afternoons. Did I mention that Violet notes rock?
Just found out that the Ben Bracken 12yo Speyside single malt that LIDL sells is actually Tamnavulin. If I understood right, they bought some casks when the distillery closed. Any feedback on Tamnavulin? Comments say for the price it's a good everyday malt.
Should I get this 2005 Bordeaux from the Carrefour supermarkets? It's price is almost 15euro/$20, is it something that could turn out as high quality? I don't have a cellar by the way. pic from iphone, I could take a better shot if needed
Ok, let's see, she's 29, fashionable and sophisticated. How about a pair of black pearl earrings? Like these for example Or white like these Or something like these You could also go for a pearl necklace like these If you want more detailed pics and prices of specific items just ask. I could also give you some ideas for pendants and crosses but you would have to raise your budget a little, unless you don't need the 18k white gold chain.
No replies yet, so let's make it clear that carpet=rug for the purpose of this thread. When I say heavy furniture I mean things like a 3-seat sofa or a dining table with 6 chairs. When I google furniture on carpet or heavy furniture on carpet, most links talk about moving heavy furniture. I am thinking of placing one carpet under the dining table with the 6 chairs and another one under a 2-seat sofa and a coffee table. If a sofa and a coffee table sit on a carpet...
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe The question on my mind, is the same misprint still in place. (I'm referring to the English edition, don't know if other language editions have this problem). On page 100/101 the book states the average cordovan shell measures approximately 30 square feet (3 sq m) and the average lizard skin 10 square feet (1 sq m), that lizard must have been the model for "╦ťGodzilla'. (They state correctly on the previous...
I have a long neck so I decided to give turtlenecks a shot. As an experiment, I bought one john smedley's sea island cotton turtleneck and one mock turtleneck in the same material. I like them both. The silver grey turtleneck gets a little more use than the purple mock turtleneck.
At this price, I don't think you will easily find a Loro Piana or similar quality ( Begg of Scotland or Colombo ) cashmere scarf. I have bought a solid coloured cashmere scarf from Johnstons of Elgin in the past. Good quality, logical price and good length for tall guys. If you don't want the absolute best, they are a very good choice.
Just started Feeling Good by David Burns.
Aoud Safran by Montale for me today. Black Aoud = You Me Sex Aoud Safran = I will turn you on until you beg me to put it in you
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