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I just read the following comment on the purseforum thread ------------------------------------------------------------ ITA, most people here have no clue what Hermes is. They have no idea how expensive they are. But that's not why I buy them. If you hold an Hermes bag you can just feel the quality. To me it is a wearable piece of art - especially the scarves. I buy them because they make me smile. They last forever and just get better with age. I buy other brands as...
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Merry Christmas
By the way did you do a google search for hermes breast wallet lately? Both everything and images.
To get back on topic after your hideous last posts... another star from Poland. Enjoy
Today was a good cold day for Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens. I just love the opening notes. It's very funny when people tell you that you smell oregano
Very good deals on the Montales! If more people on this forum knew about them, they would have already disappeared. Did you try selling these on Basenotes? I think it would be much easier and quicker, people there have been in love with the Montales for a long time And if somebody here buys them and could get into the fuss of shipping 1-2 samples to EU, I would be really happy to hear from you.
Like the colour and the flannel choice Do I smell a little bit of cashmere in there?
Quote: Originally Posted by softy negatory prefer blondes?
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