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Your personal YOOX CODE, valid only until the 15th of February, is: springtreats@yoox \t \t How to use it: after making your purchases, enter springtreats@yoox into the YOOX CODE field that you'll find on the first page of your basket and click New Total. It will give you an EXTRA 10% OFF on all the items from the Spring-Summer Collection, only until the 15th of February. also free delivery at the moment just placed an order it works for books too
I always listened to "Still got the blues" on the radio without knowing who sings it. It's one of those songs that touch everyone's heart. Had no idea about this guy but somehow I feel weird.
I don't know why but the following jacket made me smile. I can't invest in a good leather jacket at the moment so I was thinking if this would be a fun alternative. Any info about Diesel sizing? I am 6' 3", chest about 40, with a long torso and since I will have to wear this zipped I am worried if it will be long enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard +1 - any new codes?? Or do we have to wait until feb 1st for the codes? Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann What happens on Feb 1st? It's Feb 2nd. What were you talking about new codes on Feb 1st? Is there a code that works for EU countries?
I have bought the Philips HR 1861 seen here. The only problem is the cleaning, make sure they have a dishwashing machine.
According to the tpf post Swatches for SS11 - from left to right: Mykonos Togo, Celeste Chevre Mysore, Kiwi Epsom, Laurier Evergrain, Sanguine Fjord, Sanguine Clemence, Mykonos Clemence, Sanguine Togo, Mykonos Epsom, Celeste Epsom, Sanguine Epsom, Gris Perle Swift?, Mykonos, Gris Perle Clemence?, Bois de Rose in Swift (and clemence which I didn't photograph) So, the colour laurier evergrain is the fourth from the left. Quote: Originally Posted by...
I think I found the colour Someone post the pic cause I have exceeded my photobucket bandwidth.
Quote: Originally Posted by CCAurora I won't name the company, but I work for a pretty major supplement company and can tell you first-hand that virtually any over-the-counter, US-made herbal product is 100% useless and a HUGE scam. The US government doesn't require listing active constituent content (the herbal equivalent of an active ingredient in a drug), so most companies by cheap scrap weed with none of what makes it work. Unfortunately, with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum scarves aren't made in house? are the ties? Quote: Originally Posted by Advent I think you should tell us who makes Hermes scarves; never mind "them". I don't have personal experience, but from what I have read on this forum, and I would consider the sources reliable, the Hermes cashmere scarves were/are manufactured by Begg of Scotland ( Alex Begg or Begg of Ayr are other...
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