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Quote: Originally Posted by gin8u haha. you really think it's showing off too much "bling"? When worn with an office suit? Yes. When worn with a fashion suit? Go ahead.
Quote: Originally Posted by rengler22 The sleeves are much too long. I'm only 5'9" so I don't think I'm going to find a suit in a 40 without needing to be tailored. The sides look like they'll need to be taken in a bit and I'm not sure about shortening the jacket half an inch. Most suits need to be tailored, but most OTR suits don't have functioning sleeve buttonholes. And if the sleeves are much too long, shortening from the shoulder would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Sam I don't get it. You didn't change anything in this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo +1 I think most can agree you have the most to gain from the sockless look. (credit to Mr. Sam)
I wear it sometimes. I like the jeans to dress things down a bit. But I always wear socks. Not a fan of the sockless look.
I'm not even religious, but it seems to me if a suit is overdressed even for church, then when the hell is a suit appropriate? ...or maybe I answered my own question:
But how else will people know my suit is from Express unless I keep the store label on the sleeve????
If you buy the Alden longwings, it's requisite that you buy 5 identical pairs to be a big timer. Otherwise don't bother. More seriously, I suggest the above advice.
I couldn't justify $400 for the fused Boss suit, either. Might I suggest this, originally on B&S here? Similar should pop up on B&S every once in a while again, if this particular one isn't quite your style.
I second the tip for thrift stores. I've found some nice Florsheims, J&M's, and Bally's at a thrift place near my school in great condition. Also try eBay (as long as you know your size--go to a store and try on different brands since sometimes size runs differently) and the eBay AE store which has good deals. Check out sales. Personally I think J&M's are rather underrated here on SF. I like them as much as my AE's. Maybe it's just my feet, but they seem to fit me...
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