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Why couldn't you be four sizes smaller?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Hahaha... went back and looked and... YEAH.. Didn't look at any other pictures the first time either. Went back. I LOL'd all over the place. Wow
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc since when is putting hands in pockets sprezzatura It shows you were nonchalant enough (gasp!) to unstitch the pockets open?
When the first word that springs to my mind is "fat" rather than "curvy" or "voluptuous" is where I draw the line. Where that is completely depends on the woman in question, her own body structure and proportions, and how she carries herself. Some look better slightly overweight than slightly underweight than vice versa.
Quote: Originally Posted by Winot +1 on the DB Even better.
Ahh, if only those Moras were a 8.5!
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar The peak lapel idea is more interesting with classic pockets and ticket pocket. I would go with this.
Ahhh and they couldn't have been a size smaller? I love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by refinery Yeah, I know. :[. Those look great and fit my budget. I'm actually a size 11 for a pair of Kenneth Coles I have. I don't know if that means anything. It's a little loose but I don't think I can compensate for getting an 11.5, although it looks like a great deal. It doesn't mean anything, as around here we try to pretend Kenneth Coles don't exist.
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