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Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I figured it was better than starting a new one. I'm having trouble matching shirts to a new houndstooth suit I have: All I can do is white right now. I know it's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but the houndstooth is blue/white. I've tried blue shirts, but most shades of blue look a little off unless it exactly coordinates with the shades of blue in the jacket. Otherwise it just looks off. Any ideas for good shirts to...
I don't remember Target selling blazers. Are you sure they are not suit separates? If this is the case, they are actually a suit, just with the pants and jacket sold separately, and perfectly acceptable to wear together as such. While I'd normally agree not to buy a black suit as your first suit, if it's Target, and it's for a funeral, seems okay to me. You can go for something nicer later if you need when the occasion calls for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe no, but i do not liek skeleton either, but i do treat fat peole with the distain that msot people reserve for junkies, be they women or men. no i would not even try to talk to that whale. iowuld give giev her a card for a local gym though. i cannot understand how a person can have such relaxed attitude towards the obese. Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe yu can use htis model all you...
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I do, how else can you tell if the shoes you've been admiring from across the room have leather soles? I doubt I'm alone around here... Same here, but I doubt most other people in any given room are like those on SF is my point.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle Sart is tall in SF terms. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar How tall is Foo or how small is he? From this moment on, all SF-approved height measurements must be in terms of a Foo. E.g., my mother is 3/4 of a Foo; my friend is 3 Foos tall; I'm a Foo and a half; &c.
How often to people look at your soles...? Usually I'm the only male in the room noting other people's shoes at all.
Wow. And why isn't this pinned yet??
Measurements would be helpful
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The trousers are breaking a bit stronger than they otherwise would only because I did not adjust the braces just so...being too busy to be a complete aesthete. This can happen when you have braced trousers with both high and straight backs, and you switch the supsenders from one to the other. We were all going to say something, but chalked it up to sprezz.
+1 Foo would never sammify himself onto Moo. It would be like Vox foofing himself into mt_spiffy.
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