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Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex The shoulders looks too small and the sleeves are definetly too long. But I like the material. Sleeves too long?? That looks like a full inch of cuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 I asked my tailor to make me a single breasted plain vest. No lapels. In the past I've made about 3 other double breasted vests and liked them...but they always require extra fittings So my tailor didn't listen and made me a DB vest. Since I'm tall with a long torso...its usually 7 buttons and make the vest top opening really high to ensure it looks good Enough cloth was left over to make a 2nd...
While like Foo I far prefer freezing to boiling, having worn a flannel DB suit in the heat of summer--you'd still be a lot more comfortable than any unfortunates wearing a polyester suit.
What are the measurements?
Belt and shoes should match. If you go brown, I'd probably wear a more interesting tie. I'd probably wear a more interesting tie anyway.
No idea about the rest of what happened, but I bought some monkstraps from him, and he emailed me to let me know they are on their way. Don't know what happened, but for now I'll take him at his word. Seemed gentlemanly enough, and glad he emailed me. If trouble ensues, will let you know, though!
Well the important thing is, it wasn't the tailor who commented/insulted you on your weight. Just his daughter/assistant. I'd suggest going at least one more time, requesting to see the tailor (the father) only, for all fitting, pinning, etc. If he or the daughter asks why, comment on the unprofessional nature of your last experience with this girl. If the tailor is professional, he will fit you himself (and probably apologize for his daughter's behavior). Perhaps he...
You're only seeing bad ones. Nicer jackets without vents look just as good as vented ones. I have a charcoal flannel DB by Corneliani that's ventless and I love how it looks. One of my best-fitting suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor let your tailor make the judgment. Certainly not as qualified to speak as these guys. But this.
Best ones yet since the first group!
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