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Of all the sites with MTM topcoats I've found, none seem to offer anything but solid colors. If anyone can at least point me to some designers or sites that might have topcoats in a windowpane pattern, it would be a great help.
I can be flexible. I was just hoping to find one in that range. If you can direct me to any sites with good MTM topcoats and a variety of fabrics, I'd appreciate it.
Does anyone know a good site one can order made-to-measure topcoats online? I have a terribly hard time finding topcoats that fit me very well (I'm a 36S). On top of that, I've been trying to find a double-breasted, peak-lapel topcoat with a subtle windowpane pattern without much luck. Does anyone here have any experience with Are they any good? They have patterns for the kind of topcoat I'd like, but all their fabric...
What's the material? (Other than Loro Piana--wool? cashmere blend?) Edit: I'm tempted, but I really should hold myself back considering I already have two jackets almost identical to this... (must...restrain....)
I like it. Too bad it's not a little bit smaller. I've gotten a 38R before that I was able to have altered to fit like a 36S. Do you think there is enough material to shorten this jacket without it looking too weird?
I realize it's been a month or so, but is that slate blue 36R Hugo Boss suit still up for sale? If so, is there enough material below the pockets for it to be altered to a 36S?
Hi all, I'm new here. I've lurked a bit, but I wanted to come out of the woodwork for some help. I'm sure you know of the new movie Public Enemies with Johnny Depp as John Dillinger: Inspired by the the 30's style of Public Enemies which I've always loved, I've been in search of a navy stripe suit with peak lapels, preferably vested, and have been having trouble finding any. There are plenty, of course, with notch lapels, but so far the only one with peak...
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