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Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk The leftmost button is attached to the collar only, not the shirt. It buttons to the other tab. It kind of looks like it's buttoned to the shirt, which would be weird. It's only attached to the collar. If it looks otherwise, blame the angle. Maybe I'll try it out in a couple days and see how it looks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artigas It's a tab collar. It draws the collar together and raises the knot of the tie. Thanks. I suspected it was for something like that, but wanted to make sure .
Excuse my ignorance, but what is this for?
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche I say to me tailor when I can´t breath, the jacket is ok. Only 2 fingers can go in on the chest. I´m european of course. And those X are not bad at all... If only my American tailors were European, so many arguments would not have to take place.... *sigh*
Quote: Originally Posted by fopkid I like flannel for winter, based on my experience with an off-the-rack flannel suit. As a result, I've got the tailor working up a bespoke flannel suit. Meanwhile, I've become a fan of half-lined jackets made from other fabrics, and all things equal, I'd like to get the jacket in the new flannel suit half-lined. It occurs to me, however, that that could end badly ... I have visions of my shirt ending up lint-covered...
Quote: Originally Posted by walneal rediculous price for an insane piece. Why cant it be a 36? +1 . . . Well some 38/40 better be very happy...
There isn't really a true "classic" overcoat unless you need it for a particular occasion (e.g., you'd want a Chesterfield, characterized by its velvet collar)--for dressier occasions). Otherwise the most common "classic" overcoats are SB 3-button or DB 6x2, in black, charcoal, navy, or camel. IMO, charcoal and camel are the most versatile. Heavyweight wool or cashmere or blends of the two are both acceptable. I believe your link is a classic Chesterfield--hence the...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus They are very fine pinstripes not wide and pretty close together. Not much you can do with those other than the jeans and cords. Wider or louder pinstripes could look purposely mismatched with trousers, but IMO you're better dressing these down than up.
Ahh, if the shoulders were just a bit slimmer on that DB!
Any color cords (but blue) should work, I think. What color are the pinstripes and how loud are they? You can try matching the pants to the stripes.
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