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Hollywood white tie?
Being in college, I also have to wear the requisite jeans every once in a while, but Men's Clothing is what really interests me. I couldn't care less about designer jeans or whatever.
It's a new line designed for left-handed people.
I believe it can be done, as long as you have enough extra material. You'll need more than to create a center vent. I had a ventless jacket that had enough extra material given a center vent before, but there wasn't nearly enough material for a dual vent. I have a couple as-yet-unaltered jackets that fit me in the chest and shoulders but when they come to the waist and skirt they look like they were tailored for William Howard Taft. If they weren't already dual vented,...
Hollywood formal?
Looks like you have a donut in your left back pocket. No idea how to fix it, though. But yeah, lengthen the jacket about 1 - 2 inches, and shorten the sleeves by the same. Shoulders look okay to me. Your left sleeve looks good, but the pitch on the right one looks off. Are you holding both arms at the same angle and how you naturally let them hang?
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Can someone explain who needs a "briefcase" in this day and age? It seems to me that laptop bags are where its at, as pretty much everyone carries a computer. I've never seen any partners at my firm walk into the a meeting with just a briefcase full of papers. Can you fit a manilla envelope in your briefcase? Then you can fit a MacBook Air in your briefcase.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Thanks for the replies guys. It seems that an overcoat that hits at mid calf would be warmer, but might hinder mobility. I feel like I'm leaning towards something that hits at the knee. Aye, it's a trade-off. One way you're warmer, but it makes getting in and out of cars a bit difficult or anywhere where you might need more mobile legs. (Btw, for shorthand, I just call anything full-length an overcoat and...
Quote: Originally Posted by markdc ^That's what I thought as well. However, many people, and several department stores I've been to recently, seem to regard knee-length as "full-length." Thanks for the clarification. It's just the current trend. Could also be they are thinking of topcoats, which generally short overcoats that come to about knee-length. So I suppose a knee-length topcoat could be considered full-length. A full-length...
Option 2 Mid-thigh seems peacoat territory. While we're posting pics, my full-length DB cashmere: Kept hands in pockets since I still need to get the sleeves shortened. They come to my fingertips currently -_-
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