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Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Cool The look definately works when done well. Pics above? Good looking guys in shitty outfits. ETA: OK the Duchovney one is overall SO casual I'll give it a pass. IMO, it's the lack of pants that makes the last one work so well.
How is the answer not obvious? Note the domino mask, gloves, and fedora. It's the details that make it work.
I generally don't like the look, but if you can pull it off like this: then go for it.
Just measured my Canali coat. An ordinary 29" BOC and 23" sleeves. Label 48 C.
Quote: Originally Posted by royskeen Now I'm really confused. It says "C" which I imagine means Corto or Short. It says 30.5 for length and 20.5 for the sleeves. But I compared it to the measurements of sportscoats that fit me well. Those sportcoats are listed as "regular" and the measurements are about the same. Maybe Canali runs long... I can't find anywhere that lists the average lengths for short, long and tall--I suppose this varies with style...
I wouldn't worry about something like that with pinstripes. Wider set chalk stripes would be another story, but I doubt anyone would notice with most pinstripes.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover The problem would be finding a tailor that is willing to do it in the first place This, probably. I live in a small town and all the local tailors told me it wasn't even possible to add a vent to a ventless jacket. I have an amateur seamstress friend who volunteered to try on a jacket of mine that had enough material, and she did a great job.
The tags look real enough. I'm not sure Canali is wide-enough known for there to be many fakes, unlike a fashion brand like Armani. When it arrives, just examine the quality and check the canvasing.
Any decent tailor can close a vent. It will look perfectly fine afterward.
It all depends on the measurements. Most importantly the shoulder. If it fits in the shoulder, a competent tailor should be able to get the rest to fit you as well (within reasonable starting conditions). Buying 1 size outside your true size can often work out (but as always, check the measurements--most importantly the shoulders). I usually have to do it since 36S is so rare, so a slim 38 can often be tailored down to fit me. Anything beyond that, do not attempt.
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