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When I heard diamonds, I was expecting some hideous blingy stuff, but I actually like it. No way I would pay that for it, though. Ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover No, actually it's not. DB isn't not so much in style, I work in mens clothing and should know. Then you should know the difference between "fashion" and "style."
If you like your current ties, you can always have them altered to be skinnier. I believe TieCrafters offers this service. It'll still cost you, but much less than acquiring all new ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - judging by your WAYW posts, you need to start taking your own advice.. I'm working on it..
Mr. James Cagney, coming in at barely 5' 7" . . . and more
True. Unless you're short and stout but have supremely broad shoulders to make up for the silhouette, the DB will be harder to pull off. In Dressing the Man, Flusser has good points on making DB's work for short, stout men, but being fairly Astaire-shaped myself (though I have yet to take up dancing...my four left feet always get in the way), that's ground I'm not familiar with enough to defend.
DB's may not be in fashion. Honestly, I don't know. But they will always be stylish. Furthermore, the diagonal lines and the strong V-shape of the buttons of a 6x2 DB, combined with good fit and waist suppression can actually help accentuate height for a short guy. Alternatively, the long lapel roll of a low-buttoning 4x1 DB combined with the peak lapels, I think, helps the illusion of height better than just about any other jacket design (IMO). I'm 5' 6" and more...
Get a Movado. You'd need a magnifying glass to see the name brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by CYstyle 5"8 isn't too bad, but i personally find on shorter guys db not that great of an option, mostly cause of pleats and cuffs make em look stockier and shorter, and the jacket makes them look broader. A DB jacket doesn't necessitate pleats and cuffs (both of which I think can work fine on a shorter man, too). You can still get flat-front, plain-front pants in a DB suit. What you want in a DB jacket for a...
I'm thinking you'd want a 15" neck size. My neck is 14.25-14.5". Shirts with 14.5" neck strangle me. Shirts with 16" necks are massive. Go with 15" most likely.
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