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Aye, looks great, but measurements please?
I really wish I could, but I'd be swimming in it
$20? I'd do it.
I'll pay more here than I'd pay on eBay (with a few exceptions of certain sellers on eBay I know and trust), because I trust SFers to know more of the quality of what they're selling and I know they'll most likely have taken much better care of anything used than anything used on eBay.
Love that 3-piece suit. I'd be all over it if it were within my price range.
No, the lapels are just the right size! Ahhh, there is something so alluring about it... I want the shawl collar version. A big shawl collar.
I suspect Ralph Lauren Purple Label might have such a tie. Don't ask me why. Call it a hunch.
As long as the rest of the guests aren't in tuxes, you're fine. In which case, to the ceremony, you should wear a morning coat.
The lower four buttons are little too close together for balance, IMO. Other than that I like it, though I'd personally opt for a darker color.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 That buckle is friggin huge. The last is OK, but the buckle is something you'd see on a Buccaneer in the Caribbean circa 17th century. IMO, that makes it all the better
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