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Quote: Originally Posted by pmowen Thanks Kuwisdelu. I like your second suggestion. The stripes are pretty faint but I also think its a bit much for a wedding/dinner. The thing is, I don't know when else to wear it. At work it would be way to much. I don't think it would be appropriate for a wedding. For a dinner, it just depends on what kind of dinner. Dinner at someone's house? No. Steak&Shake? No. But I'd definitely wear it to...
My favorite tie to wear with my stripes navy DB is similar to the second, but with green stripes in place of the blue ones. A chalk stripe DB might be much for dinner or a wedding, though..... Bank heists are the best occasions for such a suit. See avatar.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman There is no cry to conform here. There is something called dressing for the occasion. Do you see anything wrong with wearing a suit to class, to interviews, to go out, and to a wedding? What you wear says something about how you view that situation. If someone wears a suit to their pop quiz on a Monday morning and a wedding on Saturday night, it says to me they aren't dynamic enough to actually pull off this...
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo Comfortable? In what way? Obviously it's not for actual comfort. Seems to me that if people feel they need to dress up for something so trivial as class, it either means they have no other occasions to dress up and be seen by people, or they're just insecure. Just wear some nice, clean looking clothes that fit and be done with it. Why do you say it's not for actual comfort? (I assume you mean physical...
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo What do you think you guys are gonna accomplish by wearing a blazer and tie to class? Some of us are just more comfortable that way. Why change just to fit in with the herd? Especially when most of that herd isn't a very appealing group.
Just be yourself.
Same question, but I have a question on some details: For a 2 week trip to Europe, if one is taking one pair of black shoes and one pair of brown shoes, what kind would be best? (My trip will be next summer, but if it will help the OP and others, answers for other seasons are great, too.) Particularly, if one is going to do a lot of walking, should one opt for a pair of rubber soles over leather soles? Or loafers instead? Etc.?
It depends completely on how you carry yourself, your personality, and how naturally you pull it off. This comes up all the time here, and most will tell you college is an inherently casual place. I say it's the place to be yourself. Dress in what you're comfortable with, be that a suit, sport coat, or pajamas, and don't let anyone get you down for it.
Hope that RLPL 3-piece found a good home Too expensive for my blood. What are the cuffs on the Polo RL shirt?
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