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Quote: Originally Posted by intent This reminds me of the "What clothes do you wear during a fight" thread. Read the epic-ness here.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Be sure to have the telomeres measured carefully. Not enough. I further request 100% polymerase lining so I never have to resort to reweaving.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor how about mother and fathers names. and also their family trees? thats most important. BUT BE ON YOUR GUARD. i understand a few rogue sheep have been sneaking in with bogus high numbers. I demand DNA tests.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirWilliam The jacket that goes with this suit fits perfectly but the pants are not so slim....sorry for the rubbish pics. Looks to me like the problem is less the slimness of the pants than the tragedy of the break.
Why wear pleats? You never know when...
I'd go with a suit. Wear what you'd wear to an interview--conservative, understated, not at all flashy.
I have no idea how Lutherans operate, but last time I went to church was to support my Catholic girlfriend; I wore a blue suit with a subdued PoW pattern and a grey odd vest over a white shirt and simple navy/burgundy striped tie. There were varying degrees of formality from others in full suits to some in jeans and work shirts. I wouldn't want to attend a church with a "no sport coat" rule O_O
Quote: Originally Posted by toposopher While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing tweed, wearing it everyday to State U which gets all of a handful of prep school kids seems less of a fashion statement than a latent inferiority complex. Exactly. Throw in some flannels!
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard ]Well, to be fair, you never really articulated which of my statements you thought was a ludicrous generalization, so I took a stab at one. At any rate, no, it's not a ludicrous generalization to assume that dressing in a suit every day will lead to being ostracized. It's highly likely. Again, because you're a statistician and I wish to respect the rules of statistics, I can't say with 100% certainty that...
^^^ The true way to rock uni'
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