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Depends how "upscale" it is. I was expecting a thread about dinner vs. business vs. lounge suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin There was Tweed Fetish, but apparently has already been taken. This scares me. Particularly the flashing pictures.
It's a good enough price to be suspicious. Ask to see some of his completed pieces, preferably on satisfied customers if possible.
Been waiting for a chance to use this one.
And obviously, why the button is usually shanked.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Are there any guidelines, or do you just have to try lots of hats until you find the ones that suit you? Generally, the size of the brim should be proportional to your head. If you have a tiny head, you don't want a big brim. If you have a massive head, you don't want a tiny brim. Other than that, I can't think of much other than to experiment. Personally, I find it good when a hat is proportional to...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Hey, the stipulation was clear! It would be wrong of me to break my own rule. NSFW... kind of. Not quite there yet, but... Does only on a tweed jacket count? Because that one would be definitely NSWF.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You neglect to consider the possibility that I prefer no 'pattern' at all . . . How open should the quarters be?
Neither is more stylish than the other; it depends on how you're proportioned and what you plan on wearing it with.
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