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It's a .pdf, so I decided to host it on my blog: http://thesatinstripe.blogspot.com/2...ct-review.html Enjoy. Expect a review from a competitor, VM Custom Clothiers (DC), to follow.
Looks like one of those $8 leather shoelaces sold at someplace like A&F. It only serves to further emasculate that Zac Efronic dude in the picture. Not that he really needs it.
Exposure is good, but I would argue this merger (buyout?) is actually bad for the company. LVMH stuff is tacky, mass produced, and the quality is generally complete shit. It caters to people who prefer giant logos to be used as status symbols. Some respected companies - Veuve Clicquot, for one - were good until LVMH got to them. Personally, I wish the company would collapse; I find their business concept repulsive, but I have to hand it to those marketing guys who manage...
Today I wrote about Old Post Road shaving soap.
I posted a brief blurb about face scrubs on my blog a few days ago. Click the link in my signature and scroll down a bit.
Sun Tailor at Tyson's Corner is good.
Most of my favorites are dry-hopped IPAs: Victory Hop Devil Weyerbacher Stone IPA Ithaca Beer Co. Flower Power And some oddballs: Ithaca Beer Co. Nut Brown Ale Trois Pistoles
You're also going to want rubber soles so that you don't slip if you need to run somewhere after receiving a page. Someone once told me that I should stay away from wearing anything nice throughout med school because the smell of formaldehyde et al. will sink into one's clothes. I didn't pay attention to him but I figured it was worth mentioning.
http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&Y...sr_clearance80 no wonder they're having a clearance
What kind of equipment did you need to buy? And do you remember how much it all cost? Did you buy it new or used?
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