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Wire Works gin by Grand Ten Distilling and Sipsmith gin, both have made a significant impact on my taste for martini with their subtlety and song-like flavor profile. For what it's worth, I now cannot conceive of a martini being really good without a lemon twist, whereas for years I only drank them with olives. Also, Terroir gin by St. George has finally provided to me a gin that in my view is best simply on ice with no accompaniment. It's rather delicious that way, and...
What are the must have CCs for someone looking to stock up for the spring? I generally will not be aging the cigars for long, no more than a year, just not there yet. This is my tentative list, based partially on the accident of what happens to be available. I'm leaving out Vegas Robaina Clasicos (not available in smaller quantities) and RASS (ditto) and Por Larranaga Montecarlos (unsure of this decision), but those are things I've tried and liked. 1. Partagas Serie D...
Jasper’s Jamaican Planter’s Punch Tried this last night for the first time, subbed in Barrilito rum (puerto rico). The nutmeg tends to preserve the caramel taste of the liquor and make for a pleasingly rum-forward cocktail. [copied the recipe from this book. also, I only had orange slices, which was plenty] ——————————– 1.5 oz dark Jamaican rum (Coruba) 1.5 oz Jasper’s Secret Mix (see below) Add to a 10-ounce highball glass filled with cracked ice. Stir vigorously....
65 cases of the 20yr were stolen from the distillery recently . I think Asia bought the rest.
The Rosita. In Boston on Friday, went to "Drink." Great place to sit and talk and do serious drinking. What I learned there is that I have to make Rositas at home. After a Rosita to start, I asked the excellent bartender for the first Chartreuse cocktail I would ever enjoy; she obliged. My friend had a bartender's choice, which consisted of mezcal, maraschino liqueur, punt e mes, cognac, and she had some citrus based drink that started very well and got better the...
Buffalo Trace Antique Collection goes on sale today (in KY at least). Any word on the way the bottles stack up this year? Eagle Rare 17, Sazerac Rye 18, or Weller... Can't go wrong, I suppose
Just for the sake of clarifying my understanding of this (to me) important Negroni suggestion: 1 oz. gin (Tanqueray or equivalent) : 1 oz. Campari : 1 oz. Sweet Vermouth (Noilly Prat?) : 0.5 oz. Lillet Red?And clarifying from another post, Fabbri Amarena Cherries?
Might anyone have a recommendation for where to go wine shopping in Rome? I'd like to buy a 1/2 case or so of wine to have with me during a three week stay in Italy. The best thing would be the name of a good local contact who can guide the selection.
Just picked up three bottles of Encanto pisco, and last night I mixed up a pisco sour: 2 oz. pisco, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1/2 oz. simple syrup, 1 egg white, shaken and strained, angusturro bitters to finish. Bliss. But just as soon as I have done so, now I want to try Aviator and Botanist. Damn this thread.
Alban, "Reva" Syrah, Edna Valley, California, 2005, last night for a friend's birthday celebration. Rocked, but did not slay.
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