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Getting in on the fun.Anyone who mentions this thread take an additional 10% off! Sales in signature (or here).
It really depends. If you think that $600 or even $750 is a reasonable offer on $1000, I would disagree with that strongly - it's not the same as $14.25 on $19. There are no implicit guarantees that items are thrift flips, arbitrarily priced, or even for-profit items. A bunch of sellers on the B&S have purchased at full retail - $2k-$3k+ and then taken a bath on an item at $800... and still are willing to negotiate down from that. From a seller's perspective, I've lost...
Agree with a bunch of the points that @Jamesgatz made, but for what it's worth any leave of absence is not due to declining sales - I just don't have time right now. While there is some sensory overload now from having so many more choices for the types of items that were almost B&S exclusives, it still is my preferred first stop for any clothing, bag, or shoe purchase. Culls interesting items from a spectrum of personal style into one place - and nice to deal with...
Thank you to @Girardian for being an amazing SF member. Delivered a bottle of whiskey that a friend will be giving as a retirement gift - was kind enough to ship it immediately and generous in his dealing. My sincere gratitude - would recommend him without hesitation for any trades/sales. - MH
Thank you for all the comments and kind words! Feel the same way about posters above - all class acts and the reason selling on the B&S is such an amazing experience. Outside of a week or two here or there I don't believe I've been inactive in almost 6 years and need a break. Too busy at the moment and am looking forward to being solely on the "buy side" for a while!Of course after saying this I'll probably be back in a few weeks with something I couldn't overlook.
@razl really appreciate the mention! Those Vass you posted are an amazing pickup - versatile doverkiller and almost brand new for $375:
Taking a hiatus from selling and clearing out some pieces. Final cuts on all of these items.All details / pictures / measurements can be found here: Items on tate.cloths. Feel free to PM me with any questions. All items are "New" or "NWT" - unless specifically noted as "Pre-Owned." Price includes US shipping. Worldwide discounted shipping/combined shipping is available - please PM me and I'll provide options. No holds sorry.International estimates: smaller items -...
Friend of mine is looking for a bottle of pappy (likely 15) for a significant gift. If anyone has any leads (or in the unlikely event has a bottle to sell) please PM me. Would be greatly appreciated.
Drop again... this price is ridiculous.
Wow... now $529!
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