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In case anyone's interested in picking up some whey protein/supplements, Blue Star is having a B1G150% sale that ends midnight tonight. Brings WheySmooth down to $48.74 ea. for 4 lbs (before another 5% off if you use code TCYNG5). Lot of great deals to be had on items hard to find on sale. Whey Smooth Chocolate Covered Banana is definitely one of the greatest of all time whey proteins I've ever had. Blue Star Nutraceuticals
Classic blue seersucker jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren / Corneliani Additional pictures, details, measurements available if you click the "Spoiler" links under each photo. Full pictures & details found here. Polo Ralph Lauren by Corneliani (Pre-Owned) - 46 R - $109 U.S. $149 Worldwide Single vent 3 button front Lightweight 100% cotton outer Classic blue and white seersucker stripe 100% Rayon lining Made in Italy ~ Very good pre-owned condition,...
Definitely better for a short - max sleeve length let out is around 23 1/2".
Couple of SCs from Polo Ralph Lauren and Samuelsohn.Additional pictures, details, measurements available if you click the "Spoiler" links under each photo.Full pictures & details found here.1. NWT Ralph Lauren Linen Jacket 42 R $134 U.S. $174 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 2. Pre-Owned Polo Ralph Lauren (Corneliani) 42 S $140 U.S. $180 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 3. Pre-Owned Samuelsohn Blue Linen 42 S $150 U.S. $190 Worldwide [[SPOILER]]
Nice pics.
Pre-owned jacket by Ralph Lauren Black Label. 2 button front, peak lapel, ~46 US. Excellent condition (no flaws), black wool blend, finished sleeves that can be altered.[buttons included]. Price including shipping: $155... $140... $129 U.S. $169 Worldwide Pick stitching 2 button front, no vent Peak lapel with lapel stitching Woven black 97% Virgin Wool, 3% Elasthane 100% Rayon lining Made in Italy TAG SIZE: 46 dr. 7 R Chest: (flat across the...
That Yohimbe is a little different than Yhcls found in some other doses - depending on your experience with Y would just suggest starting with 1 cap or rec. dosing and go from there (really no need to add bulk yhcl). A cap or 2 of F95 would be a great addition.
Will these lists, so amorously typed, bring violent delights and violent ends; goodnight sweet B&S.
Definitely Forskolin - has proven studies on enhanced fat loss while cutting, enhanced muscle gain while bulking, recomposition at maintenance. Stacks best with other products that increase cAMP response - YHcl, Caffeine. Ephedrine increase it's efficacy.Komodo Visceral ResponseBlue Star Blade (stronger Y product) + F95PES Norcodrene (not as strong Y, but nice mood enhancement) + F95Neogenix Supremacy + Neogenix Velocity (or a bulk YHcl or caffeine)For Forskolin (F95) I'd...
The problem with labdoor is that 1) their testing protocols are a joke 2) they've mishandled tests in the past 3) the rating system is arbitrary in respect to their own test results:i.e. Recommended spiked proteinsi.e. Tested Controlled Labs fish oil and... tested half a serving and posted that CL failed label claims before correcting their own mistake.i.e. One product tests better than another, but gets a lower ranking in their Top-50Makes no sense. Jack3d or more...
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