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Jacket by L. Duca Sartoria. 3-roll-2, dual vent, ~40 US. Custom tailored - so size is approximate and no exact fabric tag. Feels like a very soft wool, possibly wool cashmere blend. Very good pre-owned condition: no exterior flaws, but a few signs of wear (fraying) on the inner lining near pockets. Price including shipping: $85 U.S. $120 Worldwide Half canvassed Flap hip pockets Functional sleeve buttons 3-roll-2 button front, dual...
New scarf by Roda. Plaid Check with a Fringed Edge (85% Virgin Wool, 15% Cotton) - $160 U.S. $190 Worldwide Measurements: Width: 20" Length: 78"
Chest: 24 1/2"Sleeve: 38"Length: 33 1/2"
Damnit. Please PM me any deals like this in the future and keep them away from this thread. Finders fee will be involved.Thank you,Management.
Measurements posted!
Postings earlier - the EGs - @jerrybrowne is an A+ member. Done a ton of business with him back in the day - shoes are top quality.Wouldn't hesitate to buy from @Notch. He's proxied a ton of Vass/arranged group buys/etc. Those are a great deal.A few finds:Rozsnyai shell faux Galways 10.5 USNew Vass Spectators 43.5 U @chobochoboC&J Drummond 9 UK $150RLPL Grant (Oundle) 11.5/12Canali Kei for warmer weather 42Few nice Drake's ties left from @steveolySam Hober 6 fold...
Last call - 4 left!
Really nice jacket with RiRi zippers, great details - not one you'll ever see again and not at this price...
New suits from Belvest.Additional pictures, details, measurements available if you click the "Spoiler" links.Full pictures & details found here.1. NWT BELVEST Grey 50 38 40 Slim Fit Suit Hand-Sewn Buttonholes - $650... $625... $605 U.S. $645 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 2. NWT BELVEST Grey Pinstriped 52 42 Slim Fit Cashmere Wool - $675...$650... $630 U.S. $670 Worldwide [[SPOILER]]
No kidding @teddieriley has some amazing shoes listed. Really appreciate the mentions and kind words from everyone @coloRLOw, @razl, @TM79 - it's a pleasure to sell on this site. Haven't been as active recently, but will be posting more soon with updates. And if you haven't seen @Murlsquirl has joined the team! He will be a huge help in B&S and started 2 threads for new member inquiries: WK OF FEB 9, 2015: NEW MEMBER INQUIRIES & QUICK QUESTIONS- CLASSIC MENSWEAR WK...
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