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Last chance! Amazing NWT items left at prices that look like I've had too much eggnog...
For any onlookers - Girardian is an amazing seller/trader/SFer. Great guy - I appreciate it again,- MH
Consolidated and dropped...
Quick post - hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and are gearing up for cold weather and lots of internet shopping. From @achl354: G&G Oakham DB monk UK 8 G&G Thorpe Vintage Dark Oak UK 8
Dropped all prices... these include US shipping!
Some great items over the past week! Mention this thread and get 10% off the last deals in my sig. Would like to move the items to members on SF by this weekend or will push sales on the much maligned auction site. 20% off if anyone has proof that they are dressing up as or moo for Halloween.
Getting in on the fun.Anyone who mentions this thread take an additional 10% off! Sales in signature (or here).
It really depends. If you think that $600 or even $750 is a reasonable offer on $1000, I would disagree with that strongly - it's not the same as $14.25 on $19. There are no implicit guarantees that items are thrift flips, arbitrarily priced, or even for-profit items. A bunch of sellers on the B&S have purchased at full retail - $2k-$3k+ and then taken a bath on an item at $800... and still are willing to negotiate down from that. From a seller's perspective, I've lost...
Agree with a bunch of the points that @Jamesgatz made, but for what it's worth any leave of absence is not due to declining sales - I just don't have time right now. While there is some sensory overload now from having so many more choices for the types of items that were almost B&S exclusives, it still is my preferred first stop for any clothing, bag, or shoe purchase. Culls interesting items from a spectrum of personal style into one place - and nice to deal with...
Thank you to @Girardian for being an amazing SF member. Delivered a bottle of whiskey that a friend will be giving as a retirement gift - was kind enough to ship it immediately and generous in his dealing. My sincere gratitude - would recommend him without hesitation for any trades/sales. - MH
New Posts  All Forums: