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So much misinformation in this thread.Beef protein is some of the worst protein on the market imo. It's marketed as "steak protein," but made from what they can't put into hot dogs, scraps that aren't suitable for dog food. Taste is odd at best, downright gross at worst. Your friend being ripped has zero to do with his protein choice.Worse = amino spiked so you might be getting say half of the label's value of protein. Also, taste/mix-ability.Hydra6 is pretty good -...
Thanks everyone - hopefully it will lead to some sales. B&S has so many legit items it's hard to list at once. I'll try to get a list up weekly.
Lot of nice items from usual suspects, @justinkapur, @NAMOR, @earthdragon, @ellsbebc, etc... Amazing boots - MTO AS Miller LP Roadster Pull Light, LP Vest, Shirts GRP Cardigan Corthay Arca RLPL Suit Chester Barrie d'Avenza Roma 42 EG Harrogate Isaia Linen SC Collection of shoes FS - Stefano Bremer, Cleverly, St. Crispin etc. EG Dover... great price Panta & Yellow Hook ties Valextra / Stefano Bremer boots Howard Yount Pents 34 Septieme...
Under 12 hours left!
P. Amazing deal, amazing shoes - GLWS! - MH
Auction ending tonight!
New jacket by Stile Latino Napoli. Double breasted front, dual vent, ~44 US. Blue chambray in a cotton blend. New with tags, incredible detailing, and non-finished sleeves [buttons included]. Price including shipping: $639... $619 U.S. $659 Worldwide Pick stitching Unstructured cut Double breasted front, dual vent Barchetta chest pocket, flap hip pockets Chambray 97% Cotton, 3% Elasthane Lightweight quarter lining Made in Italy TAG...
NWT Shirts by Cesare Attolini.Additional pictures and measurements available if you click the "Spoiler" links.Full pictures & details found here.1. Size 16 | 41 - Striped Cutaway Collar FC - $279 U.S. $324 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 2. Size 16 | 41 - Blue Plaid - $279 U.S. $324 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 3. Size 16.5 | 42 - Check Spread Collar - $249 U.S. $294 Worldwide [[SPOILER]] 4. Size 17 | 43 - Blue Plaid Spread Collar - $259 U.S. $304 Worldwide [[SPOILER]]
To the top! Cashmere corduroys still at $9.99!
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