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Great look
Cashmere lined, Venanzi peccary gloves, made in Italy. Worn once - In immaculate condition. Price includes shipping.
Up for sale is a made in Great Britain breton stripe sweater from E Tautz. Fit is best for a 36. Never worn, just tried on. Top quality knit. Price includes shipping
Up for sale here are three staple Aldens: 1) #8 cordovan chukka. Size 9.5 barrie. Worn 5-6 times. 385$---sold 2) #8 Cordovan NST boot. Size 10 - Plaza last. Worn twice. 525$-500-475 3) Roughout Suede Chukka. Dark brown. Size 9.5 Barrie. Worn twice 300$---285 All shoes always treed after use. Thanks for looking, Geoff
hour east of vancouver. doesn't happen to be abbotsford, does it?
love those cigar lhs
Just picked up my navy hopsack walts to go with my navy hopsack jacket - man, I could not be happier. Absolutely top notch construction and the fit is incredible. I'll have a Napoli suit fit pick on Wednesday when im back home! Easily the best fitting suit I"ve ever put on.
I've owned several pairs of vass shoes and the quality and material was absolutely top notch - substantially better than both alden and crockett and jones hand grade. I immensely regret parting with them (was in college at the time and just couldn't justify the price)
Wow, great deal!
answered my own question
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