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pics please!! trying to see how this sizing compares to my stark!
^^ looks good. Anyone have any memento pics? Torn between medium and large - I'm a medium in stark and it is semi fitted.
Visvim One - Wash Lhamo. BNWOT. Size 2. If you're looking at this, you know what it is. 300$ shipped CONUS. Great piece, just too small for me.
Goddamn. Gorgeous
gahhh. fantastic looking shoe. How would you describe the fit?
BNWOT, colour is the same as this:
1) Rick Owens Moto Jacket. 8.5-9/10 Condition. Slight tear in the right sleeve (inner) lining but other than that worn rarely. Suede lamb, black. Size Medium. 800$ $
Great hat that is sadly too small for me. Size S. Solid construction. Made in America by bollman I believe. Same as seen here
Great Billykirk hat that is sadly too small for me. Size S. Made in america by Bollman I believe. Same one as seen here
holy god i need these. 43 and they'd be mine
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