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Looking for old fit Starks in medium!!
Are these tts or size down .5 becsuse they are a loafer?
potentially interested but i have no idea how the sizing works. any m ore comments?
so sick
got this from trunk but its a hair too small. will trade for a 40. Stock picture from some site but can provide pictures if required! Sold out everywhere. Top notch quality, made in England.
i have a sage sl bedale in 38 that i got from trunk. absolutely astounding kjacket but i need a 40. thought id see if theres any interest here before i send it back to england. would trade for a 40
The shirts are excellent quality. I have 5-6 and they are my go to. I'll be getting a few more in the coming weeks.
still alive! internet was down for the pst couple days. will reply to pms and get indy pics up later tonite!
pics please!! trying to see how this sizing compares to my stark!
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