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super pumped for the denim jacket and distressed western shirt. credit card ready!!!111
gnarly knit. any comment on the fit? compared with other sns garments?
actually how does this size out? i have a couple starks, one old, one new, just looking for size comparison
medium and this would be in my house so fast......
absolutely need that distressed western shirt. like instacop. like preinsta instacop. whens the ETA for that???
US10 and they'd be at my house yesterday....loooove these.
I have an SL bedale in 40 and it seems like a fairly standard length to me. I'll upload a fit pic. I FINALLY found the barbour jacket that fits me... aside from my steve mcqueen rexton jacket.
Looking for old fit Starks in medium!!
Are these tts or size down .5 becsuse they are a loafer?
potentially interested but i have no idea how the sizing works. any m ore comments?
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