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Three button rolled to 2.5 vintage Luciano Barbera for Louis of Boston. I believe this is from his early days when Louis got him started. It's an incredibly athletic fit jacket, unvented and of mid weight. 8" drop. Chest: 44" Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeves: 24.5" Length: 30"
Trim fitting Saint Andrews Cashmere sportcoat. Tagged as a 42R with an 8" drop. Chest: 43" Shoulder: 18" Length: 30" Sleeves: 24"
Flat front Oxxford trousers with cuffs. Greyish blue herringbone weave. They have a higher rise Waist: 35" Inseam: 30.25"
Double breasted Corneliani. I'm low on closet space and need to make some room. Chest: 46" Shoulders: 19.25" Sleeves: 24.25" Length: 31.5" Waist: 36" Inseam: 30" cuffed
Borrelli sportcoat with dual vents, lightweight fabric, minimal shoulder padding and a 3 rolled to 2.5 front. Need to make room in the closet and I can't remember the last time that I wore it. Chest: 46" Shoulders: 19" Length: 31" Sleeves: 26"
New with tag. Light weight 3 button suit in a dark charcoal herringbone weave. It's quarter lined, with unpadded shoulders, button fly, double vented and a very athletic cut. Trousers are flat front. Made by Attolini. Tagged 52EU-7R aka 42R with a 7" drop. It's a very athletic cut Chest: 44" Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeves: 25" unaltered Length: 29.5" Waist: 36" Inseam: 36" unhemmed
Got one. They make an awesome wallet. It's holding up like a tank.
Figured I'd share. I ordered a US army briefcase from Custom Hide in December and was quoted 6 weeks. Got busy. Called in March and was told the mistakenly marked it as shipped, would build it and ship it immediately. Two weeks later called again and that actually got it shipped. Yay. It showed up in the wrong color and without a shoulder strap. I was on the fence about the color anyway so that I can deal with. Another phone call got me a shoulder strap which did not...
Bump for price drops
DB Bespoke(?) overcoat $350 shipped conus I believe, but have no label to prove, that this is a bespoke overcoat. The button holes are all hand made. There is a bouteneire loop on the back side of the lapel. The fabric is a very heavy weight and feels like a tight cashmere weave. Please check the measurements but I'd call it a size 40R. Chest: 46" Shoulders: 18.25" Sleeves: 24" Length: 39" Stile Latino suit NWT 42R $550 shipped conus This is a...
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