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Yep, and obviously you are smarter than me. Just wanted to advise others who are buying from SBoy that they should add the additional costs to amount paid so there are no surprises. If you're in Ontario, you know that you will pay duties of up to 20%-30% (check the tariffs chart) + HST 13% + any specific handling fees depending on the shipping company.
Thought I would share this when I asked Sneakerboy about how packages are marked: "I can advise that the value of the package is marked as per the price that the order is purchased at". So consider adding any applicable customs, duties and taxes for your country to your item.
David, when you have a moment after you are done with the CNY festivities, would be interested in hearing more about your new pieces since I will likely never handle these in person.From previous posts, I thought you were a size 3 so did you size down to a 2 because the pieces were fitting big? With the wrap pants, how much extra material forms the flap? It's difficult to tell from any pics how far the 'wrap' goes. And with the train on the blazer - does the train fasten...
Ok that makes sense now. The pairs I tried definitely were not the wrap version then. Hide-san seems to have gone MIA these days so need to find a new proxy. But without the actual codes, it's hard to tell the proxy what to look for as there seems to be a few variations of the same pant with different details.
Can one of the resident experts point out the details that makes one pair a wrap vs. tuck? And anyone know what the japanese retail is on the above?The local store received their 1st drop and they had 2 similar pairs of the above pants in wool gab + 1 in rayon. One of the wool gabs used a drawstring waist enclosure, with pleats front and back, 2 side pockets and ties at the hem on the inside. The other wool gab used a drawstring and button enclosure at the waist with 2...
From experience with 3 RO (1xFW08, 2xFW10), I would want the shoulders to fit. I had one of my FW10 that I had to sell off as it was too tight in the shoulders.
1. Devoa2. Rick3. Individual Sentiments
Thanks for all the great posts. I had a chance to view some of the FW12 pieces here and I can't say that I was impressed. It was too hot to try anything on so these impressions are from examining the pieces on the rack. Here are my brief thoughts and in brackets, I've included the online store where you can find pics as I can't always tell from the look book. Long blue hooded robe jacket (Hervia) + black blanket jacket with overlock stitching (Just One Eye) - I think...
SS13 is live now. It looks like a version of the hakamas are back but what's the story with the cut & bruised looks?
Shah - I like both but agree about the thicker sole on the Ann D giving it some more character. Asobu - thanks for the posts on the past seasons and the breakdown by year on the codes. Very informative and a great reference.
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