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The more time you stop yourself from getting to Montreal, the less time you have in Montreal. What I'm trying to say is, Montreal is the place to be.
Considering your handle:
- Eggplant Parmesan? - Veggie stir fry?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Is Madison the Gift Shop Girl from Scrubs? BTW, she looks exactly like my girlfriend's cousin. Lives in Miami, is a model. Hard not to stare at family gatherings. She's on the TV show "Chuck"
It starts and ends at Spearmint. Hit up Club XS at the Encore Casino, you will be in awe. Other daytime activities should include hitting up the gun range, and hitting up Rehab on Sunday aftternoon at the Hard Rock.
Mentioned before, but worth mentioning again: Extras The IT Crowd Peep Show and Goodness Gracious Me
PSA: is having a one every hour PRPS sale. I haven't seen them sell PRPS before, but if you like, take a look.
What would you guys recommend in the city for something like a milestones type of menu, but not a chain restaurant?
You can usually hotwire the Sheraton for around $89US
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