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Desert Boots. Chelsea Boots.
Summerlicious is kicking off. Would love some reports on places.
10% off your purchase on both LLB and LLBS going on right now until the 8th.
The Black AR-D1's look clean! The leather even looks better than the Black Rod Lavers I've been kicking about in.
Nordstrom is having their 50% off mens sale online. Alphas are going for 29.99.
Eastbay and FL crashed on me....was able to get through on Finish LIne, but alas, they dont process Canadian CC or non US paypal #sadface
Theyre having a 25% off men's stuff sale on their website, which can be stacked with a 40% off friends and family code: DECBFF12A.
Haha point taken. However, whatever cut you eat, the food is amazing for the price.
Just wanted to add that the fillet at Ray's the Steaks is phenomenal, As well as the burgers and Marshmallow Shake at Good Stuff Eatery.
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