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Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing That answer is absurd. Who keeps $250k liquid like that? The man who can now spend it all on pairs of $500 shoes, evidently.
Quote: Originally Posted by scientific also you may hang out with a lot of nerds Ding ding ding
Quote: Originally Posted by sam_of_sung is Alfred and Sargent a viable concern or not? Yes. They are not going out of business. They are simply discontinuing a lot of the lines presently in the market in preparation for an upmarket relaunch toward the end of the year. Retailers carrying inventory of their current lines are probably just clearing out existing stock. Frankly, this makes for sme great deals right now. A lot of the...
You totally missed out. You should probably just kill yourself. End it. You don't want to live the remainder of your allotment of days on this earth as a person who makes such poor decisions. I have the number of a euthenist. You should call him. He's a good doctor. And thorough.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker How long you think before this becomes a pissing contest? Or, am I too late? Let's all whip 'em out and grab a ruler. Except for Reevolving, of course. He just wants to see a bunch of men's linuses.
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 final fantasy 6, ocarina of time, chrono trigger are easily the classics of video game music You should check out Xenogears. I'd put it ahead of Chrono Trigger and maybe on par with -- maybe even better than (!) -- FF6's soundtrack. It's by the same composer who did Chrono Trigger, iirc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Silver Arrow I agree with this. People care too much about the personal lives of others. Back so soon, Hey Man / Freewheeler?
Maybe I'm being overly paranoid here, but can we do an IP check on user "Silver Arrow"? Just registered today, shortly after Freewheeler's banning, and his first two posts on the forum are endorsements of Freewheeler's trolling in two different Freewheeler threads -- written in a remarkably similar style. I think there's reasonable ground to be suspicious. For one thing, I'm highly suspicious of any newbie whose first two posts, right out of the gate, are in a forum like...
Spoiler alert: evidently, Freewheeler turned out to be yet another "Hey Man" sock. Explains the irrationally aggro posting style and the insubstantial argumentation.
Thank you, mods, for killing Hey Man v4.0 (or whatever version we're up to these days), aka, Freewheeler. May he learn to give it at least a two-month rest this time before coming back to spam us again.
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