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Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 Hey Guys, Has anyone had this experience where their garbadine suit appears to be a bit dry or chalky looking? Is this a sign that it needs drycleaning? It's not like I have been in the sand dunes with it on or anything. Besides drycleaning, is there a way to bring it back to life? Please kindly discuss and advise. Is it fading at stress points, like the elbows? Is that what you mean here?
I'm planning to purchase a pair of $500 shoes next year from Reevolving, and would presumably finance the acquisition through some combination of cash, debt, and equity sale or transfer. Reevolving's cash on hand is approximately $500, and let's assume mine is $100. I'm uncertain about the future, and particularly, about how the Fed's actions might affect my borrowing costs in the coming year. Furthermore, I've got a coming B&S sale in three months, and I am trying to...
You guys need to stop leading sedentary lifestyles and eating wheat gluten, which weakens visceral muscle fibers and increases stores of visceral fat. Cut out wheat from your diet and get more exercise.
I am Steve Jobs, so yes, I wear my clothes. Fuck off, peasants. Sent from my Human CentiPad.
O hai der Gimme ur sportcoats ok plz? ^_^
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I smell bitterness, but I do agree nothing can replace a swole frat pretty boy at least in the younger years. I highly am skeptical about it past a womans 20s... lawl so you're in denial Well let me paint a picture for you picasso Your wife is lying on your marital bed while you are grunting and thrusting away feebly, your pasty jiggly wheatbelly and your tiny little wheatpenis doing what little they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I don't see why you need any 'net worth' to buy $500 shoes, as long as you have enough disposable income you can spend it on whatever you want. There are plenty of people who buy £5k watches on credit, so if you've actually got $500 in your bank then I don't see why you shouldn't spend it on a pair of shoes if you've covered your rent, food, etc and the shoes are what you want. Maybe you need to be...
Psychometry is bunk. It's a pseudoscience. Personality tests are fucking horseshit and can predict fuck-all about your job performance. Seriously, this shit is perhaps a hair's breadth more sophisticated than a freaking Scientology e-meter reading.
After Schumacher's take on Bane, just about anything Nolan could possibly put on screen would be a massive improvement. Talk about a bar that's been set pretty low. I mean, it's been set at ground level. I mean, shit, a fat guy in a pink tutu and ballet flats would be an improvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 this looks like an epic piece of shit +1111111111
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