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Quote: Originally Posted by ctbrew The use of the word "closure" should be a felony. You probably wouldn't like working in programming/tech, in that case.
Quote: Originally Posted by cretaceous_cretin In a hot clime like Texas, a good cotton tee shirt provides a layer to absorb some of the perspiration. There is no need to iron tee shirts. Put them on a hanger and do a "gravity press" (let gravity get the wrinkles out over a day or two. Yeah, its lazy, but it works reasonably well). A V-neck can be worn open collar if the V is low enough and the dress shirt is not super thin cotton. Just my...
This thread's title lends itself to misinterpretation. I am disappointed.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Mmmmm...both sound poor, generationally adjacent to poverty, or foreign. Let's ask an aristocrat: Don Carlos, what say you? (Note to self: I'm assuming he's an aristo, albeit of the swarthy kind, and not some fellow named Don.) - B I have never had to handle money in my life. And yet, I possess hundreds of pairs of $500 shoes. That's how wealthy my mind is.
What was the net worth of this Eastern mystic of yours, such that he was shod in such finery?
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen To be working class I would have to work. Are you employed, sir?! Surely you don't go looking for a job dressed like that, do you? On a weekday?
Generally speaking, it's prudent to select the auto insurance provider with the funniest commercials or the sexiest spokesperson. In this case, logic suggests a battle royale between Nationwide Dude and Erin E-surance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Dy-no-mite! Wrong show.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen If you have any doubt whatsoever which class you are from, you are middle class. The poors and the richies know who they are. I'm middle class as a motherfucker. I think a reasonably good definition of middle class circa 2011 is "A member of the working class trying to convince himself he's not."
Is the coveted role of Thurston Howell III ("The Millionaire") reserved for that blessed prosperity-gospel messiah whom the prophets say will enter this threak and set the record straight once and for all on the distinction between middle- and upper-class? Some suspect this man walks among us. Others say he is not yet born. And some say he posted many months ago, under the name Spalla Camicia, but was crucified by an ungrateful populace of scofflaws and socialists.
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